Saturday, 29 January 2011

Springs that bit closer and a mug rug finish!

I've not felt that well the last couple of days. My niece has an ear infection - I wonder if I've been fighting the same thing off as I felt really dizzy on Thursday morning and one of my ears is definitely not right. I've felt too lethargic to get on with much in the creative department - much of anything really. A night owl by nature I've tended to feel a bit better as the day has worn on, only to feel rubbish again at getting up time.

I have however finished my mug rug for round 3 of the scrappy mug rug swap. I have embroidered a William Morris quote around the border. 

This is the back side of it. Which I think is pretty too.

I am busting to tell you all about the process and inspiration but as this is a secret swap I daren't give too much away.

Do you know what has really cheered me up today?  A couple of days ago I spotted these through the kitchen window. So today I braved the cold and took a couple of snaps. The first of the new season bulbs to come out. Such a cheery sight these cold grey days - I just know the crocus' and violets (one of my favourites) can't be far behind now!

If you're looking for the giveaway for some scrappy squares then you need to go here. Thanks to all the people that have entered so far - and "Hi" to my new followers *waves*.


  1. Really pretty and lovely detail with the Morris quote

  2. So sorry your not feeling up to par! the mug rug is VERY pretty. That is one of my favorite quotes!


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