Sunday, 30 January 2011

Sunday Rambles...Mendocino - To turtle or not to turtle?

Some of you may remember reading this post way back in September, when I told you all about the disappearing nine patch quilt blocks I was making out of Mendocino with the idea of adding some applique turtles to it?  Well shortly after that post I had dental surgery - followed by a string of bugs and this quilt got put on the back burner. Part of my problem was having said I wanted to put some turtles on it, I was worried I'd mess it up some how or maybe just detract from whole Mendocino loveliness.  Corinnea told me about the beautiful quilt that her super talented daughter Jessica made featuring three embroidered and appliqued turtles.  Cute or what? In fact I want these turtles to just change colour swim off the baby quilt and go and live on my quilt top.

Anyway, for all of the reasons above this quilt has been stacked up in a neat pile and sort of forgotten about.  Until last night when I remembered the fabric diet deal I've made with myself.  Even though Angela's fabric diet only lasts 8 weeks and I've made it through half of it without succumbing to buying fabric. This is only part of the deal I've made with myself.  The other part is that when 8 weeks is up I can not go back to my old fabric buying ways. 

Maybe the cost of living is different in the US and fabric is still expensive for all of you stateside. But on the whole fabric is a whole lot more expensive in the UK than it is the US. In fact sometimes it's double the cost. I tend to buy fat quarters for this reason and usually just stuff that catches my eye. I occasionally buy a whole yard (metre if it's in the UK) of something if it's on sale, but not usually more, unless it's for specific project - like a solid I may need for sashing and backing.  The downside of this is I end up with a very eclectic stash that can be a nightmare to pull together to make a quilt. I've rarely got enough of any one fabric and you can bet if I need 8 fat quarters for a quilt top, I'll only have 3 or 4 that work together. So when I go back to buying fabric it's going to be with a lot more purpose. So I've decided:

1) I'm going to aim to buy bundles of ranges that I like enough to want to quilt with them.
2)If I don't buy a whole range I'm going to put together my own bundles that work together. 
3)The only random purchasing I'm going to do is for that fabric I really can't live without and will be versatile enough to use in several projects.
4)I'm also not going to be buying bundles with the intention of 'one day making a quilt with them'. If it's bought now, it's for use now - or very soon. With that in mind I am not going to do any fabric buying until some of my started projects are finished. Otherwise I'll end up with more fabric than I can ever use in my life time.
5)I'm going to make at least one little hand made gift for everyone I give a present to this year.  This will use up the smaller pieces of fabric and scraps rather than just fill another box with them.

So with point 4 very much in mind I dragged my Mendocino WIP out of it's neat pile last night and have finished piecing the the top. What I don't know is whether I should do the turtle thing or not. I'm kinda over this quilt already and would much rather be using it than have it sit about for months while I faff about with turtles, hexies and embroidery thread...and then have to go quilt and bind it.  So I'm thinking that I'll save the turtles for another time and another project when I'll have the time and inclination to do them justice!

strips of blocks laid out ready to piece

Mendocino disappearing nine patch - love how a simple design ends up looking so complicated.

Top finished and ironed!

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  1. Gorgeous quilt top!! It will be smashing once it's quilted :)

  2. When you have time and feel better, then do the turtles. Your quilt is quite beautiful already!

  3. love your quilt! It's absolutely gorgeous! This is one of my favorite lines! (and thanks for the quilt love!)


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