Monday, 24 January 2011

Tireder than a tired thing in a shop full of tired things...

My other half got 1am on Sunday morning. His function over ran an hour longer than he expected so it was later than he'd hoped before he got on the road...then there were diversions due to roadworks and that added time onto the journey.  Sometimes we think joke, that there is a conspiracy against us and the powers that be sits up on a cloud thinking of new ways to test our relationship.  You know like the time he tried to drive down to Bournemouth to spend the day with us on holiday and got caught up in the traffic jams from hell and ended up having to turn round and abort the trip having spent hours in the car and used up almost a tank of fuel going nowhere. Or Christmas when he got flu and bronchitis and got trapped with his family at the other end of the country from me... I could go on. 

But the important thing is he got down. It was a very long day for him as he'd been up at work before 6am.  We went straight to bed and sat there unwrapping belated Christmas presents and trying not to fall asleep. He liked the brew kit I made him and the cushion.  We were both wrecked on Sunday so after a lie in we got up and went to an outdoor shop so he could get a coat with his Christmas money and we fitted lunch in on our way home at a grill place.  Then it was time for him to go. Not sure when I'll see him again.  Hopefully it won't be as long as last time.

As you can see I did well on the birthday present front (with promises of more to come!) ...

Yes, I even got fabric! in the form of some charm squares. Which is a doubly nice surprise as I'm on a fabric diet.  So am not  buying any fabric. So far I've done ok.  But there is so much out there that catches my eye. However, I've sort of made a deal with myself that even after the fabric diet I can't go fabric shopping unless I've used a fair proportion of my stash making stuff.  At the moment I can't get the lid on my fabric box and there are piles of other fabric that won't fit in it piled up elsewhere. This does not constitute not having enough fabric to play with. I need to get sewing or even when the diet deadline is up I can't buy more.

Can you spy that book "Inchies" in the photo? It's how to create inch sized works of art to use in little projects and try out different techniques.  I have a big box of fibres, felt and specialist materials like Angelina fibers that I need to use...or lose. So I am looking forward to experimenting with the ideas in this book.

Now I'm off for 40 winks.  When I'm more awake I'll tell you about a little giveaway I've put together.


  1. The "Inchies" book looks really interesting! I'm looking forward to seeing what you make from it

  2. So very glad you and your guy got to see each other!

    Very fun gifts you got! You'll have fun with the Inchies book. I am acquainted with the author. Her things are very beautiful and she is a very good instructor. Looking forward to your interpretation!


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