Tuesday, 1 February 2011

The Box of Shame and some better Mendocino Quilt Pics

I recently ordered a shredder from Amazon which came a few days ago. The box it came in has been sat in my living room and I've been tossing recycling in it ready to put in the recycling bin.  My house is small. I would love more space. The space I do have would not be half so bad if I wasn't...messy. It's kind of odd because I'm not messy at work and have a tendency to start clearing up in other peoples homes. Psychologically this place is different. I have all kinds of theories why. I do not live alone so I know that not all the problem is mine. I also know if my other half and I are ever in the same place and living together the 'mess' will send him potty. It's sending me that way. So I have turned the empty Amazon box into: "The Box of Shame", each week I aim to fill this with stuff I don't want any more. Be it belongings to give to charity, recycling from a sort out or rubbish.  It's the start of a big spring cleaning push. It'll hopefully make housekeeping an easier task and my house will look prettier. I won't bore you with weekly shame box check in's, but I may show you corners of my home not looking like it's been visited by some particularly messy burglars.

As promised some better pictures of my Mendocino quilt.

This is my 100th post! Thank you so much to everyone that follows and comments. If you didn't then I'd have shut up by now!  If I wasn't already doing a giveaway here then I'd have one now. So I'll just have to wait until it's finished and do another one soon! I don't know what it will be yet. It won't be the weeks contents of "The Box of Shame", promise!


  1. I am also trying HARD to get my house de-cluttered. Why is it so much easier to let it pile then get rid of it??

    Your quilt is wonderful!

  2. Happy 100th, you're amazingly spritely for someone of that age ;) Your quilt looks even better in natural light :)

  3. Congrats on 100. Your box is a good idea. We have a hallway of shame space where stuff waits for rehoming or charity shop.

  4. GORGEOUS! if you ever get bored with it I will send you my address!! Haha!
    And I am glad you blog! Congrats on hitting 100!

  5. Congratulations on 100 posts! and good luck with the box of shame... i think i need one too!

  6. I love the box of shame idea! And that mendocino quilt is just wonderful, you must be so proud!!!


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