Friday, 18 February 2011

Communication it pen and ink time?

This is the third day I've had no Internet access at home. I feel like someone has chopped off a much needed and valuable third arm. Day 1, I called my ISP to find out if there were service issues. They ran some tests - talked me through configuring my router and decided I needed to go and buy a new router. So I did.  Yesterday I tried installing the new router and it kept referring me to my ISP because it said I had no Internet access. So I phoned the ISP again who went through a lot of the same checks with the new router and decided the problem was their end...and they would run more tests and call me back.  They did this and tried to configure the new router again and admitted that the problem was most likely their end but they didn't know how to fix it. So I have one old router that's probably not broken, one new router that I paid good money for and probably don't need. And still no Internet access. I have to call them back when I get home if it's still not working today. I am fed up. I can imagine it never working again because they can't find the fault and mean while I get to spend lots of money on phone calls and equipment I don't need in the hope it will work...

So why am I telling you? Well, because I'm going to find it hard to blog - particularly with pictures and just as hard to follow all your lovely blogs. To add insult to injury my mobile service provider is having difficulties too. I can call and text out but incoming is more difficult...

I have dreams of going back to pen and paper. Then I remember how much I will miss all these online communities!


  1. Oh my, I am not sure what I'd do without internet access. I'd surely be a bit crazier than I am.... I will send good wishes your way for your ordeal to be over soon!!!

  2. I'm feeling your pain, I'd go stir crazy without the internet. I hope they fix it soon!

  3. That is so irritating! I am sorry hope they get their acts together soon! :(

  4. big virtual hugs! If I had your address I'd send you a postcard, there's nothing wrong with ink and paper but computers are soooo much faster aren't they!


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