Sunday, 6 February 2011

Doll Quilt Progress

My doll quilt for round 10 of DQS is finally pieced. It looks better in the flesh than in the pictures I have taken so far - which are usually just quick snaps to post a sneak peek on flickr. I'm still bursting to talk about the whole design process, although of course I can't until my partner has received. I can share with you that I wanted to go for an eclectic mix of blocks with a traditional feel to them but, make them more modern; whilst still keeping a vintage look about it. Untrimmed it's about 22" square. Some of these blocks are really quite small - smaller than you may expect. I've started on the quilting, by hand, using a variegated red thread which goes from a deep rose to palest pink. I think it looks lovely against the Essex Linen in Putty.

The whole quilt has been a bit of a learning curve. It's not something I'd have ever thought to make for myself. I guess that is the great thing about swaps.

I'm doing really well with the fabric diet - still no purchases. Although I am getting tempted...

Have a good week all.


  1. It is like a sampler of quilt styles, cute, and a lot of work. I haven't started mine yet!

  2. Looking good! I especially like the selvedges with hearts on at the top right!

  3. You put a lot of work into this! Very nice job!

  4. very cool! That is a ton of detail for that size!


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