Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Greenfield Hill by Denyse Schmidt - Overcoming the Meh factor.

I've just read this post and you know I know exactly what Heather means. When I first saw this line it was in mosaics of the range, in each colour way. I looked at it and went Meh. How could Denyse Schmidt creator of the highly coveted Flea Market Fancy and the lovely Hope Valley have got it so wrong?  Then someone blogged about it and showed it photos of stacks and all laid out and I was like - wow that's lovely. In fact I didn't believe it was the same fabric to start with. It was though...I went and checked. It's sort a bit different in being so ordinary. Maybe that's why those mosaic representations make it looks so...Meh?

Better still Heather has a give away go on her blog to win some. So run...don't walk, over there and check out what you think of it?

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