Thursday, 17 March 2011

After March roared in like an inconvenient Lion this Lamb is back to sewing

After all the year up to date on a fabric diet I finally succumbed to some online fabric purchasing:

The second photograph shows what finally tipped me of the not-buying-fabric-wagon. Urban Circus on sale. This was a range of fabric that took me a while to get into. I kept seeing it in a lot of fabric stores - I don't think it was an immediate sell out.  So maybe it's taken a lot of people a while to get into this line? I already have two fat quarters of the design in red so I'm thinking a Tufted tweet and solids quilt? 

I have already started on that Echino you can see in the top picture.  I really want to make some pillows. I haven't made any in a long while (probably not since the 1990's when I went mad and made living room curtains, window seat, dining room chair seat covers and cushions.) Anyway, I've started on the Echino to make a cushion for my mum.  I've pieced this together so far. I really wanted to showcase the individual parts of this 'cheater' fabric. I intend quilting it to add a bit more strength and padding. Not sure what to do for the back. I'm going to go for an envelope closure for ease.

I've started on the Freebird by Momo for Moda charm pack I got for my birthday. I already had a half metre of the Chartreuse Kona and a few scraps of Freebird which allowed me to get a few more patterned squares to add to it.  I had to get some more Kona which arrived today with the tufted tweets.  The design is simple; I think it has a bit of an Easter feel to it.  I also think it'll make a fun picnic rug or garden cosy when sat outside on colder days.

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