Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Catch up

Can you believe that in what feels like forever the only fabric I've touched with any intention, is when I started cutting 5" charms to make a scrappy charm pack for my partner in DQS10?  It's why I've not checked back in. My whole world seems to have been filled with car hunting and other stresses this past week. And why is it when you're stressed it feels like it's been going on forever?

I had made a deal with myself that if I only had cars to talk about I'd not be doing another blog entry. To cut a long story short shorter. I was beginning to get despondent of ever finding the right car, at the right budget. Last Friday my brother and I did an 80 mile round trip and hadn't even managed to test drive anything. (This was one trip in a succession of afternoons spent car hunting after I finished work.) Then my brother revisited the garage where the salesman had turned cool when we didn't buy the car. I'd been convinced the car he'd tried to sell us was actually advertised at a much lower price on the web. My bro went to verify this and it turned out there had been a pricing error and that car had been sold anyway. The other staff were more helpful and found some alternatives - and well one of them had my name on it. So I paid a deposit and am due to collect it tomorrow - It was even under budget. But now the snag...I phoned my insurance company and changed the car on the policy. I  asked if they'd fax the certificate of insurance direct to the garage so they could tax it for me. They said they couldn't do that and I'd have to wait for the insurance certificate to come in the mail - and oh they can't guarantee when that will come and I should allow 7 days. As of today it's not come. If it doesn't come in tomorrows mail I don't think I'll be getting my car tomorrow...I'm a little stressed about that. I just want my new car now!

Next time I check in I hope to have not only my new car, but some sewing related news. In the mean time. Enjoy the rest of your week and stay away from the stress ;-)

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  1. I am SO glad you found a car!! I hope to get back to sewing here soon too!


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