Sunday, 13 March 2011

DQS finished (and some other stuff)

I have finished my doll quilt for round 10 of the Doll Quilt Swap.  I decided to add a bit more detail on the front and the back.  I had always intended the back to be quite plain because the front had so much going on.

I went to Reading, Berkshire shopping with a friend on Friday. We both had the day off of work and caught the train. I'd been quite excited about visiting John Lewis - because there is no store that close to me and the nearest one doesn't have a haberdashery department. I'd half expected to be blogging on Friday night telling you of all the fabric and sewing goodies I'd bought. Alas, nothing tempted me...until I got home and saw some fabric I wanted was on sale.  That reminded me I'd been on a fabric diet all year and there was some other fabric I wanted at another supplier - and well lets just say I'm not on a diet any more! I've placed two orders! 

The only thing I bought myself in Reading was a book: "Quilting in no time" by Emma Hardy. I had a book token to spend left over from my birthday and this is the first book to tempt me.  It's full of simple, but fun looking projects. However, reading some of the methods I'm not sure I'd tackle every project the way the book suggests.

If you read my last post you maybe wondering if the insurance documents arrived in time to collect my car? Well they did and my brother and I collected the car on Thursday. I have been spending the weekend getting used to driving a different car after 12 years of driving the old one. My last car didn't have power steering so that's been the biggest thing I'm having to get used too.

I've also started working on a quilt using the Freebird by Momo charm squares I was given for my birthday. It's going to be a very simple quilt with alternating patterned charms and solid squares. I thought it would make a fun picnic rug or cosy for chillier days in the garden.   The Freebird range just seems to scream Easter to me.


  1. LOVE the quilt!
    Mom tried to go on a fabric/craft diet and it lasted all of five seconds... hahaha... she's probably going to kill me for saying that!
    The cars is cute hope you enjoy it!

  2. Dear Jessica, You're lucky I love you so much. Love, Your Mother.

    Dear Jan, Your quilt is awesome!!! I love all the detail!

    Your last car didn't have power steering?? Holy cow woman! You were able to keep it on the road when the brakes went out without power steering?? What will you do for a workout now? Love your new little red car!


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