Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The most stressful shopping ever.

Now normally I am a girl that likes to shop. Clothes, fabric, handbags, jewellery - I'm right there.  The last time I went shopping for cars was twelve years ago. I was buying my second car. I had no car to sell as my previous car I'd got shot of years before. I had a budget. I knew I couldn't afford new. I bought the car I drive now, which was 2 years old. Of all the cars I test drove it put a smile on my face the moment I got behind the wheel.

So why is it now I set foot in the first dealership and immediately feel overwhelmed.  By the second garage I felt close to tears. I don't know what I'd have done if my brother hadn't come with me. I liked the car in the second garage - but not the price. When we wouldn't buy it the sales man went from friendly to very cool - bordering angry (We made it quite clear we were shopping around and would not be buying anything today!) so I found his reaction...rude at the very least. I won't buy a car from that garage on principle.  The third garage...you don't want to know. My brother asked where we should go next. I said home. I'd had enough. I am not looking forward to going shopping again. I wish my current car was still only 2 years old.


  1. I sympathise massive;y. I am the family driver, my husband does not drive so buying a car is down to me, I utterly hate the experience, it seems to be a wholly masculine and sexist world. Being asked to back a car out of a tiny space for a test drive whilst a crowd of car guys watch, having the car filled up with half a liter of petrol from a petrol can so I can drive it about half a mile- two of the better experiences. Buying a car=a necessary evil!

  2. I sooo feel for you. All but the last car purchase for us have been like yours, must have, kinda emergency purchases. NOT FUN. Hang in there.

  3. have you tried shopping online I dont know how it works there but here you can shop and see inventory and then just walk in knowing what you want to see. There is also options to lock in prices so that when you get there it is all a formality you've already agreed to a price no bickering in person.


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