Thursday, 31 March 2011

"It's not for civvies"

"It's not for civvies" by isisjem22
"It's not for civvies", a photo by isisjem22 on Flickr.

I wanted to try out the quick blogger button so you get to see this bar of chocolate :-)

It amuses me and when I first saw a photo of one I pestered my other half for ages to try and get me a sample . These used to be issued with 24 hour ration packs given to soldiers. For those of you that have never come across Yorkies before; it's a milk chocolate bar that had a very successful ad campaign back in the 1970's (?) suggesting that Yorkies were just for big burly men like truck drivers.

I know I'm easily amused. I haven't eaten it yet because it came with a whole ration pack and I intended spending a day living on nothing but rations...I just haven't been tempted...yet ;-)

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  1. This makes me laugh. My guy used to bring home rations sometimes. I'd let the kids amuse themselves and eat them. They fought over the chocolate every time. Our packaging wasn't so clever though.... I was NEVER tempted to try one! ha ha


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