Friday, 25 March 2011

Using my Thread

The backing fabric I needed arrived today for the quilt I showed you in the last post. I've spent the evening piecing the back, basting and finally quilting the quilt. I'm not ready to show you it yet because I haven't bound it. Then I'd like to wash it to make it all crinkly and lovely and take some photos outside.  It was touch and go quilting it because I had one spool of the quilting thread I was using and I'd already used some of that.  There were areas of the quilting I thought I should really unpick and re-do. Only with just the one spool of thread left I didn't think I ought to risk it. Good call as it turns out, because the last of the thread came off the spool just as I finished the final row of quilting!  I rounded up the above empty spools. Most of the time they go straight in the bin. These are the latest ones that had just been slung on the side. It's scary how much thread I'm getting through these days. I need to have a major restock. In fact that is more important than buying fabric. Maybe not so much fun...but hey ho.

Some of you maybe wondering why I'm showing this picture of me - looking like I have a bit of an attitude problem? Well, this was me yesterday, straight from work after having my spring trim. By spring trim, I mean about 4 - 5 inches off the bottom of my hair. It feels so lovely and light. My long hair really had got out of control.  I took a pic on my mobile and sent it to my other half.  Who asked if he should come down. It was a complete surprise. I'd only seen him once so far this year because his work has been pretty crazy and he was in a road accident and well fate was conspiring against us.  So it was such a nice surprise that he came down and we got to spend a few hours before he had to drive back.

Work on the veg' beds is also progressing. Unfortunately, I forgot to take any snaps today. The two beds are in place and the wood has been treated. I just need to fill them with topsoil and compost, (which means I have to go buy some first!) Then I can work out what will be planted where!

So I have plenty of things to occupy me this weekend. I hope you all have a good weekend!

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  1. Nice bouncy hair! I bet it feels really different! Great for spring though, long hair can be hard going as it gets into summer! I never know what to do with mine!


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