Thursday, 7 April 2011

Dresden wedges cut!

Dresden wedges cut! by isisjem22
Dresden wedges cut!, a photo by isisjem22 on Flickr.
Ok, lets ignore the rubbish light and 'design carpet'.  The persnickety out there will also notice I've not shown any of the wedges an iron yet.  This layout is subject to change, but this is where I'm going with it so far.

There is always one in the group that can't follow instructions. That will be me. Having printed and cut the template to slightly different dimensions to those marked on the template. I've also managed to cut 22 wedges, not the 21 that the pattern requires. I don't know whether I'll need that 'extra' or whether with all the seams sewn, I'll only need the 21. But for the purposes of laying them out in a nice circle there are 22. Rumours I am mathematically challenged are NOT exaggerated!  I will start sewing at the weekend.


  1. I think it's awesome! I love your fabric choices. Looking forward to your progress.

  2. I love your layout, fabric choices come together really well

  3. I love your layout, fabric choices come together really well

  4. Oh! You are so tempting me. I have ALWAYS wanted a dresden quilt... you make is so very hard to resist the urge to start another project!
    Can't wait to see yours though :)


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