Monday, 25 April 2011


P1060494 by isisjem22
P1060494, a photo by isisjem22 on Flickr.
J and I both love birds of prey. So back last year when I saw Groupon (A discounted voucher scheme) had a voucher for a bird of prey experience at Fallowfields Falconry I booked us two tickets. The deal said we'd get the chance to hold and fly a variety of birds in a small group...with tea and cake thrown in.

We arrived just before the start time (after my poor navigation and a slight detour.) and found the place packed with people booked on the experience. Far from a small group there was quite a gang of us and I missed out on tea and cake.

The location and weather made up for it as we were given a tour of the Aviary. Then it was out to the field to start the flying part of the experience. Unfortunately two of the owls they brought out refused to fly, so they had to move on to the Harris Hawks. After that we watched a hybrid hawk being flown and the experience was over. During the tour we'd been told over 6000 Groupon vouchers had been sold and I suspect this accounted for the large group and limited flying time. Both J and I suspect this is a place to return to in a couple of years when they've improved these experiences and expanded to cope with the high number of visitors.

As lovely as the attached, Fallowfields Hotel, looked we opted for lunch at "The Vicky Arms" on the banks of the River Cherwell just outside Oxford. Glorious weather, some beautiful birds and stunning locations - all in all we both had a fabulous day and between us we got some lovely pictures


  1. That looks like fun! I love seeing birds in flight.

    I haven't experienced a "group" groupon event yet...

  2. Wow I love getting to see large birds up close! That is so neat that you were able to touch some of them!


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