Friday, 15 April 2011

Noodleheaded sewing

I'm a great believer in sharing when things don't go right creatively. All to often I think we can be a bit in awe of the uber talented people that only show off the fabulous things they make. Now I'm not saying I'm in this category - far from it. However, I think if some of these super talented folk owned up they'd confess that sometimes their makes go wrong. That the seam ripper and the bin are their best friends on some projects.  We all have our Achilles heel.  That 'thing' that makes us grit our teeth and hope for the best, knowing it could go either way. We could have a wonder of a make or a pile or rags.  Well, I had one of those: Oh ?!%***  moments today. 

For months I've had it in my mind to make a gathered clutch as per the lovely tutorial on the blog Noodlehead.  Ever since I stumbled on the pattern I'd wanted to make it and marvelled at the ones I'd seen other people share on their blogs. Today I thought I'd knock one up as a potential gift for a friend.  So I picked out some fabrics I thought she'd like. Got the instructions in front of me and then off I went following to the letter the step by step tutorial. And well, I ended up with this:

When I get around to uploading a photo to flickr it'll end up in this group. I suspect I will end up the most prolific contributor to this group :-/  Now before you look at the above picture and think - Hmmm that looks ok. I should point out the camera appears to have lied in this particular picture. What you can't see unless you stand the bag up is the bag is not uniformly rectangle. The bottom is ok. It's the top where the zip is; it has a sort of taper to it which looks bodged. You also can't tell from the picture that the lining ended up a fraction bigger than the external part of the pouch and as a result I have a nasty hem bulky ridge inside the pouch. Despite the picture above maybe falsely leading you to believe otherwise - this is NOT fit for a gift.

I could have got my seam ripper out and tried to rectify it. However, I'd spent half an hour trying to get this from inside out, to right way out and couldn't face going through that again. Especially when I could see the cunning flaw in my Noodlehead-ed sewing.  You see it was the gathers. I struggled with these. I didn't know how to set my machine to do the best type of basting to gather. I managed to get it to gather and ironed the gathers, but the gathers created a sort of wonky ripple. This wonky ripple meant it wasn't easy to sew everything together - maybe I should have just trimmed it. As it was I think I basted everything wonky and that's where it's gone wrong.

In my defence - I've heard that zips scare a lot of folk. Well they don't me. The zip in this was one of the easier bits. See I'm not completely useless. :-)

Tomorrow I may try a different type of pouch. I may make this without the gathers and all the divider/card wallets.  As for this one? Well I may use it myself...or I may put it with the other stuff I've made I'm not happy with...

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  1. Oh, I'm sorry! Yes, too often we don't show our less than good sewing... I am as guilty of that as the next. I do have a post coming up about an epic fail of fabric choice if it would make you feel better!


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