Sunday, 3 April 2011

Undies and Otmoor.

I've had a really lovely weekend.  Saturday morning my Mum and I went into Oxford to do a bit of shopping.  I'd got a bit of birthday money left to spend.  I also wanted desperately needed some new underwear. I'd bought some recently in my usual size to find that they didn't fit properly.  This was the first opportunity I'd had lately, to go and try stuff on before purchasing. It turned into a bit of a nightmare so I popped a long to Bravissimo, which lots of people had recommended for a good fitting service.  After a short wait I had my fitting, then the fitter selected tonnes of underwear for me to try on and gave me advice on whether the fitting was a good one or not.  There is a down side though - the underwear they sell is considerably more expensive than the one's I've bought previously. So I didn't buy much. However, now I know my size and how to check for a good fit I can shop anywhere...that has my new size!  As a little aside, is now the time to mention I've always fancied making some underwear?

My other half also made it down last night. It was touch and go whether it would happen as he was working for most of Saturday and then it looked like he was going to be the only person available for a duty that had suddenly come up at camp on Sunday. Thankfully due to an understanding RSM and a very kind and helpful colleague, he managed to get away earlier on Saturday.  Whilst, he had to leave earlier today, we still got to spend a lovely day together at the RSPB reserve at Otmoor.  I saw a yellow hammer (the first one for years!), but was too slow with my camera. I did however manage to get some shots of lapwings:

There were so many of them flitting about and enjoying the wetlands.  My favourite birds of this trip to Otmoor were the Reed Buntings. It's unusual to see them feeding on feeders as they are ground feeders. I guess the seed was just too tempting!

So tomorrow it's back to work for another week! Don't the weekends just fly by when you're having a lovely time?

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  1. Glad you had some time together! Yes, the weekend do fly when you least want them to....

    Love the birds! We finally have started attracting cardinals to our yard.


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