Monday, 9 May 2011

Lovely Lupins

I had to share with you all this picture of lupins growing in my garden. I planted them last year. They survived the sub zero temperatures of one of the coldest winters we've had for years and have come out a little earlier this year than we would expect.

I have joined in another swap - more details another post. Something that comes up in many swaps I've taken part of is a question about how we rate our skill level. Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced.  Now I don't class myself a beginner. And I doubt I'll ever be an advanced. So I tend to sit on the fence and put intermediate. Although the more I see of some peoples work on Flickr I think I must be a beginner if they rate themselves as an intermediate.  So fellow quilters how do you decide your skill level?


  1. Intermediate sounds safe doesn't it when you know you're not a beginner nor advanced!
    How do you keep your lupins going? mine never stay with me so I've given up on them now but I still love them!

  2. I miss the flowers that grow in colder climates...I would trade them any day for our tropical plant selection... I am in between zones here but even if I was in a full tropical zone the plants just aren't as beautiful.
    hmm... I would guess myself at intermediate but who really knows it's so subjective... I definitely know I will never be advanced!

  3. Well I initially thought I'd put myself as intermediate in the swap you're refering to and then I changed it to advanced on the basis of how others were rating themselves. I suppose it all depends on the company you are in.

    PS. My lupins have been attacked by greenfly and are struggling to flower :(

  4. Oh man I miss the lupines we used to see in Germany! They are one of my favorite flowers. Yours are absolutely gorgeous!

    Like Gill said, intermediate is a safe choice. I think of myself as an intermediate quilter too.


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