Sunday, 1 May 2011

Remember me?

It feels to me like I've fallen off the face of the earth these past couple of weeks. There has been so much going on - none of it creative. In fact while I'd been checking into all my favourite groups on Flickr and adding the odd comment I managed to miss sign ups for another round of one of my favourite swaps.  So if you only tune in to see what I've been making you may want to stop reading now.  I was going to blog separately about all the trips out until I realised that I'd be doing it for weeks! So I've decided to condense 'What I did in my holiday's' here. 

A week last Saturday I spent the day with some Book Crossing friends in Northamptonshire. It was a gloriously hot day (we shouldn't be having weather quite this lovely yet in this part of the world!)  We had lunch at one pub, drove up the road to another only to find that due to it being Easter Saturday and St George's Day they had laid on entertainment in the form of a town crier, The Moulton Morris Men and also a beer drinking competition.  If you don't have Morris Men in your part of the world it can look a bit strange. The man in the picture above, dressed up as a woman is known as the 'Betsy'. He was giving the dancers a smack on their bottoms with his blown up bladder on a stick! I think when he thought they were not dancing well enough.  There was another man coming round with cake for the audience - a thank you for watching the dancing.  You can just see the town crier sat down in the shot below as well.

After we'd watched all the entertainment we rounded off the day with a meal at the nearby Indian Restaurant. Now anyone who know's me well knows that I do not like Indian cuisine and you won't often find me anywhere near it. However, this was a birthday celebration so I made the effort. All in all it was a fun day.

No time for a rest the next day when my friend Sal and I took ourselves off to Buscot Park in Faringdon.  We had lunch in Lechlade first and then went for a stroll around the beautiful grounds of Buscot Park. It's definitely the sort of place I'd want to visit through the season. 

The next few days were spent either shopping or with family. Then on Wednesday I met a school friend in Oxford and we went for a walk around the University of Oxford Botanic Gardens.  We had lunch in the Vaults and Gardens Cafe which has recently featured in an episode of Lewis. During lunch my friend spotted that Ian Hislop (Editor of Private Eye and regular on Have I got News for You) was sat at the end of our table two seats away from me!  As my friend had quite a shopping list of things to get we spent the afternoon wandering around the shops. I'd done all my shopping the day before so I just went along as adviser ;-)

As well as all the gadding about I've had work to catch up at home and in the garden.  I have found time to read the odd book or 6!  But not time for sewing. Unfortunately I'm having to have some work done at home next week and that will mean a lot of my kitchen's contents will need to be the area I sew in! So it might be a while before I'm back in the swing of things. Although I am missing it - a lot!

I hope you've had a lovely Easter, enjoyed the Royal Wedding and are looking forward to May Day celebrations tomorrow.


  1. Glad you are having a wonderful holiday! Sorry you won't get to sew for awhile....

  2. But you've been having fun with family and friends - that's more important! Good luck with the kitchen stuff we are thinking about doing some house projects too... fun but disrupting!


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