Sunday, 12 June 2011

All About Me

Wife or Mistress? Blocks so far

A rainy day has been the perfect excuse to make more blocks for The Farmer's Wife QAL. I'm actually finding it so good that each block has it's own template as I don't have to think about maths!  I'm pretty sure I'm destined to be a mistress not a wife. The thought of trying to assemble a queen sized quilt and then baste and quilt it terrifies me. So I'm thinking I may go for Twin. This is a long term project for me so I don't feel under any pressure to get it finished by a certain date.

A lot of blogs I've been reading lately have had a confessional, get to know the blogger feature. I thought with my 1st year blogiversary looming, I'd share a bit more about myself with you.

1. I was first introduced to patchwork when I was at primary school and my class made a hexagon quilt for a local children's hospice. We also each made cushion covers and I gave mine to my mum.  I loved the fact you could recycle left overs and unwanted fabric into something new. Even though I buy lots of yummy new fabric, I still like to add vintage or re purposed fabric to the mix. I'm particularly fond of recycling military uniforms. 

2. I am the only female where I work. I doubt anyone where I work has any idea I can make stuff.

3. I am slightly phobic about driving.  The thought of long distance driving or driving out of my comfort zone scares me more than anything else I can think of.

4. I wish I could dress make properly. You know, so I'd actually want to wear what I've made once I've made it!  I admire people that can make clothes. If I get the chance to take a class in the future I will.

5. I regret I've never been able to cultivate more long lasting female friendships. You know the sort of friends that are more like sisters. That are there for you no matter what and are definitely not the fair weather variety.

6. I can't knit. I've tried and tried, but I make a complete mess of it every time. I've accepted that knitting and I will never become friends. If the opportunity came up to learn how to crochet I'd give it ago.

7. I love to get dressed up and go to a ball, function or just out dancing! I don't get much opportunity though. When I first was getting to know my other half he used to tell me about all the functions they had at his work and he'd talk about taking me. When we got together he stopped talking about taking me and all his dinners seem to be 'stag'. It's caused lots of tiffs between us. He has no idea how much it has upset me that he's never organised to take me to a single dinner in all the time we've known each other.


8. I can make pillow lace. You know the kind with bobbins and hundreds of pins.  I'm forever at the beginners stage. I have a large collection of bobbins which are works in art all by themselves. I haven't made any lace for years. But I like that I can. Albeit only simple designs.

9. My family is very important to me. My niece is only 11 but she is one of the kindest, nicest people I know and she constantly inspires me.  My brother is forever doing jobs for me. Yesterday I went out shopping and left my car outside his house. I've noticed this morning when I got in it to go and get a newspaper it's been washed.

10.  I am more of a jack of all trades than a master of one. I can do lots of things to a certain level rather than one or two things to a really advanced level. 

So that's enough sharing! I hope you've all had lovely weekends.

Jan xox


  1. You have been a busy Farmer's mistress! Nice to learn a bit more about you too. I've always fancied making lace!! I hope your other half reads this and bucks his ideas up :-)

  2. I LOVE your blocks. I may have to get that book even though I do not need one more single project to do.

    It was nice getting to know you more. Sorry there is an ocean between, we could have fun! I bought bobbins for lace making a loooong time ago and have not tried it but I do love the bobbins! You are gorgeous in your purple dress!
    I am right there with you on number 10!

  3. We are quite similar, you and I! I'm not a happy driver, I have several friends (all known from school) but no really super close/sisterly ones. I, too, am a JOAT and master of none. I always say I am decent at most things but excel at none. I'd love to try lacemaking but wouldn't know where to start. There's another post for ya - hint, hint!!

  4. Beautiful blocks!
    It's fun to learn new things about people. I am totally there with you on 5... It seems like most everyone has this but I have never figured it out myself!
    10 too but I enjoy playing at many things so this does bother me too much!
    Love the picture of you- so pretty!

  5. Always good to have a bit of reveal, a bit of honesty! Thankyou!

  6. hi, those blocks are lovely (i really feel i've missed something big by being off line for so many months). thank you for sharing, we actually have a lot in common... including the hard to admit female friend thing.


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