Thursday, 23 June 2011

Brit Quilt Finish!

By 'finish' I mean I've done the label on the back. I'd already shown you here a picture of the front. 

Back of the quilt...

This is the label. I made it in the shape of the bone to echo the 'story' on the front.  I blanket stitched the patterned and plain fabric together, then attached it at the top so you can flip it over to read the label...

Bone shaped label

...if I was smarter than the average bear I'd have thought and made this so the birds were the right side up and so was the writing when you flipped it over. Still if my partner likes doing hand stands she'll be able to read it just fine ;-)  I may snip it off and attach it from the side of the bone so it opens like pages in a book.

Brit Quilt Label

I've started working on the extras. Normally I photograph everything I'm sending but I do want some extra surprises for my partner. So I'm just going to say a few words and leave the rest to your imagination. Handmade. Scraps. Chocolate. ::wink:: ::wink::

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  1. Leave the label as it is. You put so much into this quilt and it is just a little quirky finish. You have done such a great job!


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