Monday, 27 June 2011

Bucks Open Studios

Saturday a friend and I went to a couple of locations featuring artists exhibiting for Bucks Open Studios.  We started off at Monks Risborough at St Dunstan's Church where a selection of artists had set up their work. Monks Risborough claims to be the oldest recorded parish in England. (It's amazing the stuff you find out when you look up a place to blog about it!)

St Dunstan's Church at Monks Risborough

There was a wide cross sections of mediums being exhibited including: felt made goods, textile wall art, shaker style boxes, sculptures, paintings and jewellery. In fact I bought a small pendant which I'm yet to photograph. But I guess regular readers knew that was coming with my love of jewellery!

When we came out of the church (after tea and cake and a jewellery purchase each) we found this wonderful vintage car had parked in front of my friends Fiesta. Isn't it lovely?

Vintage Ride

From Monks Risborough we went on to nearby Haddenham. I have a bit of a soft spot for this village. It's  the largest one of the few Wychert villages, which gives it quite a distinctive look and feel. It's close rail links to London and accessibility to a variety of motorways makes it a highly desirable village to live in. I only took a couple of (poor hence no posting) pictures because we had limited time and were there to visit more artist venues and have some lunch.  It's a village I keep saying I'll go back to and explore more. Not least because it has other pubs to try! 

I didn't get any pictures of any of the art at either venue because I know artists are a bit funny about having their work photographed in case people intend copying it.   There whole of the downstairs of the Methodist Church in Haddenham was filled with quilts and quilty items.  Whilst they were well made they used the kinds of fabrics many quilt shops in the UK stock but are not to my taste. Upstairs I may or may not have been tempted by more jewellery! I will get some photos of that and post another time so you can oh and ahh and tell me how pretty they are!

If you're in the Buckinghamshire are do consider checking out the Open Studio events. It's lovely to see what other people make and you can see demonstrations and talk to the artists. I now know how shaker style boxes are made.


  1. It sounds like you had a really good day out - I always think open studio events are fun.

    Pomona x

  2. I love events like that and what a beautiful setting!

    Sounds like a wonderful day!

  3. What fun!
    My sister (who paints) was part of a studio tour last year. I think it would be so interesting to be able to talk to the artists, as well as see their works.
    Looking forward to seeing what you came home with!


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