Friday, 10 June 2011

Favourite Things Friday: My Secret Obsession

I haven't done a Favourite things Friday for a long while now. Today seemed the perfect time to link up Favourite things Friday with:

When I saw that Kerry was hosting 'my secret obsession' over on her blog I knew I wanted to take part. It's just when I started to think about it, I realised I have lots of obsessions. This has meant I've spent nearly a week ruminating on what exactly I could share with you.  I know that my regular stalkers followers will know that I love books and I'm passionate about gardening. Checking out my flickr account would tell you that I'm a little obsessional about taking photographs too. I wanted to share something that I hadn't really shared before.


In more general terms I have loved jewellery from as far back as I can remember. If it's the one of a kind or more unusual hand made stuff then so much the better. I'm not into valuable jewellery in any way shape or form. I like the sort of jewellery I can enjoy wearing without the fear or getting mugged for it. Now I could have taken lots of pictures of the vast numbers of earrings I have, or pendants, bracelets, rings, get the the picture don't you? and stuck them all on here in a jumble. Instead I decided to focus on one particular range that I love.

And it all started with this pair of earrings. 


Some years ago I was at Art in Action. In the market bit where you can buy stuff more affordably than at the rest of the show and there was a group of women excitedly clustered round a small stand. They were about 4 deep with one being replaced the moment someone left, usually clutching a purchase. I had to go and check out what all the fuss was about and I discovered Circle and Dash.  Circle and Dash make jewellery from hand decorated papers and silver.  Each item they make is part of a limited number and each season they bring out new designs and colour ways with tempting names such as 'Blackberry Way" "Cool Britannia" and even one called "Vintage Quilt". 

This one pair of earrings started a bit of an obsession. I would buy from them at every craft fair I saw them at. Friends and family spotted me wearing this distinctive jewellery and they'd buy it as presents for me too.  Each piece really is a work of art. With such wonderful colour combinations and some with metallic highlights. There are even lovely details on the reverse side.

As you can see I've built up quite a collection (And I've spotted stuff missing!).  Last year I thought I had enough Circle and Dash jewellery and I wouldn't buy anymore. Already I'm hoping I can get to a craft fair where they are in order to buy something new - a different shape to a pendant or pair of earrings. 


The big problem I have with saying no to Circle and Dash is it's just so lovely and wearable. One pendant or earrings will go with so many different things. Looking different depending on what you're wearing at the time. It's so wonderfully light to wear.  (Do I sound like I'm on commission? I'm not promise. I wish I was!)The paper is varnished and quite tough. I wouldn't recommend getting your earrings wet. But I confess I did accidentally get in the shower wearing a pair or earrings once and they survived to tell the tale.

So there you go. My name is Jan. I LOVE jewellery. I LOVE jewellery by Circle and Dash. 


  1. I hadn't heard of Art in Action or Circle and Dash so I was definitely finding out about something new. The paper silver jewellery is very pretty and the colours reflect many of the fabrics that i know are your favs! Always good to hear about something new

  2. Such a pretty obsession! I can see how you would want more...

  3. You know when you don't want to get too interested in something because you might get hooked - I think your obsession may be something I need avoid quickly!!

    Beautiful x


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