Monday, 6 June 2011

Hit and Miss Quilt.

Hit and Miss

You have to ignore the stray threads and the fact it's not trimmed. This is what this pile of fabric has turned into.  The next time you see it will be next year - all being well. As I don't want to show it finished until after it has been gifted to the recipient I have in mind.  

I am thinking I'm going to call the design 'Hit and Miss'. Hence this being the Tufted Tweets Hit and Miss Quilt.  I came up with the name after a little story I heard about a fence.  Let's just say Mr and Mrs Smith erected a new fence at considerable cost.  They were keen to tell their neighbours Mr and Mrs Brown how special and expensive this fence was and how much trouble they'd been to in order to get it. It had been imported from abroad because English fences weren't as good as this fence and you couldn't get this design over here.  This conversation was over heard by the Brown's landscaper who was working in their garden. After the Smiths had gone the landscaper looked up at the Brown's and then looked at the fence and laughed. "They went to all that trouble and expense to get that fence imported from overseas? They should have just gone down the local builders' merchant and asked for some six foot hit and miss panelled fencing."  And as this design looks a bit like the Smith's expensive fence I'm going to call it Hit and Miss.


  1. That's a funny story and the quilt is gorgeous!! Lucky recipient!!

  2. Teehee!! Like the look of this quilt, and very apt name ;-)


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