Friday, 24 June 2011

It's Friday Night and...

...all those who haven't been spending all their pennies on fabric are out partying.

I really need Angela to have a fabric diet again. Or at least put me on one. You see the strange thing is, when I start buying fabric I seem to stop sewing. I know go figure.

More goodies

This bundle of goodness jumped into my cart a few days ago when Seamstar sent me a pre-sale preview thingy for regular customers. I'd already got a charm pack and a fat quarter of some "It's A Hoot"  by Momo fabric. But look how much more I scored - all reduced! I could have bought more. This is me showing restraint. Ha! I also got myself a couple of Hideaway fat quarters. Sadly my absolute fav' fabric of this range wasn't available. I also got me some more Pips. Because despite having a fat quarter bundle and a charm pack, I couldn't resist this little cutie dogs running about on that pink fabric.

My Mum really took a shine to the "It's a Hoot" fabric.  It's quite unusual for her to be really enthusiastic about fabric. As she handled those fat quarters she kept saying. I really like these. I like these a lot. These are very lovely. I'm going to have to make her a quilt with it now. You see if I had to choose fabric that was for a quilt for my Mum; fabric that she'd really go nuts for, I'm not sure what I'd choose. I mean when someone appears to like most of what you buy, but nothing really seems to wow her it can be hard to define a taste. I'd have never thought she'd go nuts for the It's a Hoot Line. 

This bundle of goodness turned up a few days ago.

Good Mail Day!

Kaelin of the Plaid Scottie was having a destash over on Etsy and again these jumped into my check out before I could say Katie Jump Rope or Park Slope ::Wink::

At the moment I can also blame the lack of sewing on my excitement as posting time draws nearer for the Brit Quilt Swap. The group pool is choc full of some of the most amazing selection of quilts I've seen together in one swap. I am really excited to see which one is mine!  

 Have a good weekend folks xox


  1. I'm not partying either, too much fabric shopping too.
    I love it's a hoot, the reds are just soooo red! And I adore the pips puppies too, but it's the blue ones that I can't resist much longer, despite already having a layer cake and charm pack :)

  2. lol...I'm completely embarrassed by the amount of fabric that I have purchased myself in the last month or so since I've moved. I should start that fabric diet again...but there are so many great fabrics just now coming out!! I think January was a good time because there weren't too many new lines that came out at that time to tempt us. ;)

  3. Funny, sometimes my sewing slumps when I buy. I have always thought it is because I am afraid to mess it up!!
    Pretty, lovely fabric!


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