Wednesday, 15 June 2011

More FW blocks and special fabrics.

Someone posted this link over on flickr it reminded me just how much I need to be creative in order to stay sane. Now, I'm not going to sit here and tell you how hard life is for me because in many ways I'm blessed and in a far more fortunate place than many on this planet. I'm a glass half full not empty kind of gal, so I like to concentrate on what I have, rather than what I don't have. That said there are times when life is difficult, not what I want it to be. At the moment  it's a horrible feeling of inertia. Stitching or creating helps me through these periods.  I'm sure it's the same with a lot of creative people.

Another thing sure to cheer me up is arriving home to post like this:

Good Post Day

I have no lush or KJR in my stash and just lately I've realised that some of my smaller projects would really benefit from a little something special.  With that in mind I've fallen of the not-buying-fabric wagon and treated myself to a few goodies over on Etsy. Ok, so I still don't own any Flea Market Fancy (unless you count a hexie in my charm quilt.) and I'd probably faint from the loveliness of it all if I was ever able to get any of those lovely paint-by-number birds without taking out a mortgage. Slowly but surely I'm adding to my range of specials. Fabric I never want to completely use up because it's so lovely! Fabric that elevates a project from good to, well, special.

Lush and Katie Jump Rope

This seller even threw in a scrap of Pips. I am sure Pip's is going to be remain one of those special fabrics. So people that don't snap it up before it's OOP will regret it!

I've spent some time this afternoon hand sewing the binding on my quilt for the brit quilt swap making more blocks for The Farmer's Wife QAL.

block #29 Economy

This block is called Economy.  I can't remember who made these birds. The green is American Jane Punctuation in green and the gingham is more vintage stuff. (Ignore the green backing it's just the beach towel I sometimes iron on to save getting the big board out!)

 block #6 Big Dipper

This block is called Big Dipper.  I cut into the KJR straight away! I like it with the Authenic - another of my 'special' fabrics.

block #108 Windmill

This is block is called Windmill.  I am not sure what the green fabric is or the circles or paisley type fabric is. The vine fabric is Riley Blake. The other orange fabric is one of the Wildwood ones by Erin McMorris. First time I'd cut into this as I've never found a use for it since getting it when on sale.

I hope you all have a good post day soon ;-)


  1. Nothing like some yummy fabric to brighten up the day :-)
    I'm stalking my postman until my book gets here!!

  2. Well, as you just saw on my blog I had a wonderful post day! Quite overwhelming! I am really taken with this Farmer's Wife quilt - maybe next winter ...

    Pomona x

  3. Oooooo your blocks look great! I love the 'Economy' one with the bird!

  4. I really like these blocks! and Happy 1 year... the strawberries look yummy!


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