Sunday, 12 June 2011

My New Addiction

You know you're addicted when you can't see your living room floor for stray fabric, there are templates and post-it's full of coded notes everywhere and you tell yourself you will stop after you've made one more...then promptly start working on the next one.

I am of course referring to my latest addiction.  The Farmer's Wife QAL.  Last summer I had hexie addiction.  Now I have an addiction to making the traditional blocks in The Farmer's Wife by Laurie Aaron Hird using lovelies (and a few not so lovelies) from my stash.  The book is just wonderful. The letters give a glimpse into another world. While many of the blocks are deceptively straightforward.  I am having so much fun pouring over my stash, choosing combinations of fabrics.

Block #1 Attic Windows

This is the first block I made. It is called Attic Window and is the first block in the book.  I went to the trouble of fussy cutting the centre square as all the blocks are on point. I was really pleased with this block and then I turned it on point just like the one in the book and realised I'd sewn my centre square in the wrong direction as it should be rotated to the right of what's in the picture above.  So maybe this should be re-named through the letter box lol.

I deliberately didn't try and directionalise the fork and spoon fabric as I like the movement of having them the way the are here.   This block reminds me of tea time. The table cloth is checked, the napkins spotty; the cutlery has been laid out and of course there is jam ready for tea time!   I am enjoying making up little stories about the fabrics in the blocks I've done so far.

Block #2 Autumn Tints

This second block I made is also block number 2. Autumn Tints.  I wanted to use fabrics that reminded me of the end of the season when the harvest is in.  I used some Farmdale Apples, some Hope Valley, Dots by Michael Miller and the oranges are a Clarice Clift reprint fabric I've had for ages. This block looks totally different in real life than it does here. When I put it in the group pool the thumb nail makes it look so boring.  In reality it's much more zingy.

Block #16 Calico Puzzle

I didn't want to make the blocks in order as I'm trying to make blocks using the combinations of templates I've already cut. With that in mind I went on and made block 16 Calico Puzzle.  More Farmdale combined with a vintage gingham I've had for years.

Block #48 Homeward Bound

This block isn't as wonky as it looks in this photograph. I took a quick snap and then realised I had photographed it with the trees looking like they'd been felled! I used Flickr to rotate it and it's looking very wonky.  This is block 48 - Homeward bound.

Block #84 Spool

This is block 84 - Spool. More Farmdale. I am still kicking myself for not getting more of this range when it first came to my attention.  I'm not sure who the dots are buy, as I won them in a giveaway that Kerry had. 

Choosing fabrics is surprisingly difficult. I am hoping to include as many fabrics as possible.  A project like this is making me realise some gaps in my fabric purchasing. Although I don't want to buy any fabrics specifically for these blocks, I am wishing I had more blenders and scraps of yummy cool fabrics.  This is the sort of project that can really showcase treasures in relatively small quantities.


  1. love your blocks, especially Calico Puzzle! The dots are Windham, American VIntage range

  2. It sounds a great project - I have seen the book on Amazon but did not know what it involved - you have tempted me now!

    Pomona x

  3. Looking good! Love those forks ;-)

  4. Watch you'll be done with the whole
    thing in a few weeks!


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