Saturday, 11 June 2011

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I went into Oxford this morning with my Mum. We'd intended being tourists so I could take photos. Then we were going to shop. At the last minute it turned into a shopping trip only. I thought this might be the time to go in search of the only haberdashery/sewing shop in Oxford. I'd found it on the web quite by accident.  We used to have a Kings Fabric's and I was sorry when it closed because Oxford really needs a decent sewing/craft shop as none of the department stores have sewing departments any more.

Darn it and stitch

Darn it and Stitch is located in Blue Boar Street Oxford, which you can access from St Aldates or The High (if you walk down the quaintly narrow Wheatsheaf Yard passage).  It's a tiny shop which I understand from it's website it's having refurbished so will be closed for much of next week.  Inside it sells a small selection of buttons, ribbons, vintage zips (which were tempting, but with metal teeth, I suspect could rust if the paint starts to wear off, so I avoided buying - even though I really need a 12" zip for something). They sell a small selection of quilting cotton and other gutterman threads.  They have lots of vintage haberdashery along side a few Moda jelly rolls and charm squares.  They also sell yarn and embroidery thread and yarn. There was a narrow winding stairs with a sign blocking it off informing a patchwork class was in progress. 

I only came away with some shearing elastic thread and quilting cotton. There was nothing else to really tempt me. The customer in front of me in the queue tried to pay with a card and was told they didn't take cards only cash or cheques. She didn't seem that happy about having to pay with cash. Another customer over heard this exchange and decided not to purchase after all when she found out they didn't take cards. 

If you happen to be in Oxford with nothing better to do you may want to go and check out the shop. But I don't think it's worth a special journey - even for a local.  Don't get me wrong it's a lovely little shop. It's just so small they aren't able to stock very much.

I got home to find that Amazon had delivered "The Farmer's Wife" by Laurie Aaron Hird. I can now get started with some making as I've joined the QAL over on flickr.  I know I said I wouldn't, but I just love the idea of using up treasured fabric scraps in order to make traditional blocks with a more contemporary flavour.

It's arrived!

Having read lots in the group about template issues I am a little nervous of it all going horribly wrong. I think the author/publishers could have come up with a better way of doing the templates on the CD as there is no sizing and a single template (yes a single template not the whole templates for one block) print out on a single sheet of paper. Now I know you could cut and paste etc but I've had so many problems with printing stuff to the correct size in the past, I'm a little nervous to start messing with them.

Many of the templates are duplicated in the blocks and to save me from getting in a muck and fuddle, I'm using the table that Kerry very kindly provided.  I've printed off a small selection of templates to get me started and am working my way through the book writing down all the blocks that just use those templates. These will be the blocks I tackle first.

The planning

Wish me luck. When I've finished typing this the fabric and rotary cutter is coming out!

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  1. I've succumbed to the Farmer's Wife too so I'll be joining in once Mr Amazon delivers :-)


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