Saturday, 18 June 2011

Saturday Stuff

I haven't spent any time sewing today. I did manage to finish my quilt for the Brit Quilt Swap last night. I just need to do the label. I have a plan for the label. It's just going to take a bit more thought and possibly a couple of attempts at execution. I hope my partner likes the quilt I made for her.

Finished Quilt for Brit Quilt Swap

I picked this fabric for the binding because the colours echoed the linen boarders.

The weather is showing no signs of letting up from the limited sunshine and frequent showers. I did manage to snap a shot of my front garden between the showers.  The rain is doing the rose blooms no favours. On the whole the garden is benefiting from the natural irrigation.

Front Garden

On a final note: I found this link amusing.  I confess I'm a bit of a closet zombie movie fan.  I grew up loving all horror films and books. In fact I was probably watching movies and scaring myself witless at an age when I really shouldn't have.  As I've got older the appeal of the gruesome horror films turns my stomach. I doubt you'll ever find me sitting through Saw or similar.  But I will confess I still watch Zombie movies and watched The Walking Dead when that was shown here recently.  I'm also strangely drawn to all apocalyptic/dystopian stories/films.  Which may not be what you expect of someone that lives in a cottage in The Shires, likes to garden and make quilts.  Go figure.

Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Your garden is beautiful as is your quilt- lovely work, and the zombie story made me laugh!

  2. Lovely quilt. Lovely garden. Zombies?...... Not so lovely but they do have some fun moments!

  3. I love how it turned out! Great job! And that garden is goregeous.

  4. what a beautiful garden! i've got to de-lurk to let you know you aren't alone in liking zombie movies and general post-apocolyptic utopias, distopias and everything in between. (i did see Saw when it was on channel 4, and have regretted it ever since!)


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