Wednesday, 22 June 2011

What I love about Blogland...

I've just this minute read this post and was about to leave a comment when I realised the answer was a whole blogpost. So in answer to Angela's question:

I love blogland because...

...I can share pictures of fabric I've bought or want and my readers totally get it and understand the (sometimes guilty) pleasure that is chosing and owning fabric.

...I can always find a really good tutorial to help me when I'm stuck. Whether it's because I really need to improve an existing skill or just want to make something new and don't know what. Best of all those tutorials are FREE to me.

...Whey my 'real world' friends and family are too wrapped up in their own lives to include or bother about me I can chat with my blogland friends. Who never expect me to fit in with their plans or needs. They're just there.

...I can feel totally inspired by quilters who's skill level far exceeds mine.

...I can use my blog to say what I want and don't have to restrict it to purely quilting stuff. (I have so many interests and would feel under too much pressure if my blog had to be too specific). I also like that there is nobody talking over me, wanting to change the subject because they're just not interested in what I have to say.

...I love that other bloggers do the same. I feel more connected to the blogs that share all aspects of their lives. (Maybe I'm just nosy).

...I love that through blogland the world is suddenly a lot more local.  Before joining this online community it would never have occurred to me to buy fabric from overseas. Now the US feels like a town down the road from me somewhere.

...If I mess up a sewing project I feel ok about owning up and sharing it with blogland.

...and last but by no means least - I LOVE that I've had the chance to make some lovely, wonderful, inspiring friends. Who knows. One day maybe I'll meet a few of them out in the real world.

Thanks for making me thinkg about this one Angela x


  1. Yay! I agree wholeheartedly with everything you say here ... well said!!

  2. Love it! I definitely agree with your statement about the beauty of low expectations from you from the online world. I have hopped on the internet numerous times looking for a little company and find it at all hours of the day. Another benefit of international relationships!

  3. Hear, hear or is it here, here? Either way I concur :)

  4. so true! well done you for articulating what it is that we all love about blogging. I can now explain to people why I get withdrawal symptoms if my sewing machine/ laptop is not available :)


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