Sunday, 3 July 2011

Brit Quilt Swap: Received

Mailing of quilts started a few days ago in Brit Quilt Swap.  Mine arrived yesterday. I had a bit of a saga getting it. (all because of my eagerness to see which of the beauties would be mine!).  I took my Mum food shopping yesterday morning and spotted our Postman up the road. I sort of slowed down and did consider yelling at him "Do you have any parcels for me". I don't find him particularly friendly though. My neighbours are always going on about how wonderful he is and they're on first name terms. But he never seems that friendly or helpful to me. So I resisted. I came back from shopping to discover a card saying I needed to collect a large item from the post office, that required a signature. It said the item would be back at the PO in 3 hours. In 3 hours the post office would be shut!!!

How could I wait for the rest of the weekend!!! I was supposed to be getting on with house work because my other half was due down that evening for the weekend. Instead I jumped back in my car with the collection card and drove round the village in search of the Postman. It's not a big village. It does have a dead end though. I got strange looks from people living up that end of the village who must have wondered where on earth I was driving too.  I am not sure shouting out at an elderly gentleman walking his dogs: "I need the postman!" was the most sensible thing to do if you don't want to be the centre of village gossip.  I drove on to the next village where the PO is and took a route that would perhaps be the one the postman had followed. There were no postmen anywhere!  So I went home.

Not to be foiled I telephoned the PO to find out if my parcel was back there yet. No answer! So I got back in my car. Took the parcel for my partner (so I could mail it at the same time) and dashed down to the PO; abandoning my car in the first parking space I found.

It was there! I don't know how I managed to get back in the car without ripping it open there and then. I did wait until I got home and this is what I found.


In side this gorgeous wrapping (that made me feel like it was my birthday not just a swap!) was this wonderful quilt made by Rachel aka Contented be.


Look how fabulous it is? If it wasn't Sunday I might be cussing at just how mighty fine this is.  I love scrappy quilts. I love the idea that little treasures that might get over looked go into one piece of loveliness. (Sometimes I think if I only ever made quilts for me they'd always be scrappy.  Despite all the lovely ranges of fat quarters and yardage I have. I am always most drawn to the scrap bin.)  There is always something new to spot - however long you spend looking at them.  I love they echo the roots of patch working, which was about using what you had available. (Not as many of us love to do and go now and go and buy a complete range of brand new fabrics and make a quilt using just those.)  I love value quilts too. All the matching of lights/darks/mediums to create some balance among the wonderful scrappiness.

Isn't this label beyond cool? I have always admired fabric with text on and love the fabric with dashes on it that looks like it's come straight from a school jotter. Rachel did a lovely job of embroidering the details onto this label.  She even did so in my fav' colour purple. I love the little stamped part too.

I will confess there were a few quilts I really wanted in the group. I'd have been happy with almost any of them. But there was a few that really spoke to me. I wanted them at my house, living with me and I'm so glad that I got one of them! 

At the risk of making you even more jealous, look at the fab extra's she sent! Chocolate, badges, pretty card, cute little zippy pouch and the most gorgeous scraps! I tell you scraps to me are like THE best fabric porn!


I was going to tell you about the rest of my day. But I've gone on too much already! Brit Quilt is done for me. I just have to wait for my partner to receive her quilt. Hope she likes it? No doubt time will tell.

Oh and if any of the Mama's are reading this: Thanks for all your hard work, this has been the best swap ever, oh and by the way; when's round 2 starting? ;-)


  1. Lol :-) Jan you are so funny! What a great image :-) you got a beautiful mini quilt but then you sent a beautiful minim quilt too, so well deserved! I'm hoping there will be another round of this swap too it's been fun :-)

  2. Ooh, I loved this one! You're so lucky! And that looks like a Heather Ross scrap, too. *envy*

    P.S. Yeah, I thought Hadders skull might be for me, too! And the blue daisies, and Judith's green heart. All nopes!

  3. What a great post - so funny. Glad you tracked that parcel down before
    Also love your scrap thoughts, so true, I love that I still have snippets in my bin from first quilt projects 13yrs ago.

  4. Your partner absolutely loves her quilt!!!!!!!!!!! and the whole package you sent her!
    But she thinks the quilt you received is fab too and enjoyed the story of you getting your hands on it :)

  5. Fab story! I had one of those cards from the postie too but only had to wait til 4ish to go and collect it. Thanks for all your lovely words too!
    Rachel x

  6. its so pretty! I was really excited to see it too!


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