Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Cotswold Wildlife Park

This was going to be a Wordless Wednesday post only it seemed a bit random to dump some animal photos in the middle of my blog and run.  Last Wednesday Moh and I had a day off of work and I suggested we spent it at The Cotswold Wildlife Park near Burford in Oxfordshire. We visted here several years ago, but since then they'd had some new guests to stay at the park. Probably my most favourite animal. Giraffes.


How can you not love a creature with a face like this?  Well, actually Moh is not so keen. But that's because one of them hit him on the head with their own head on a previous zoo visit. It knocked him out. It was on that same zoo visit that a lion peed on him too. Hmmm should I rename him Lucky on my blog?   I got pretty excited the moment I spotted the Giraffes. Moh said: "And you wonder why I asked at the ticket booth for one adult ticket and one-adult-who-acts-like-a-child ticket?"


I love that you can get so close to them - and most of the animals at CWP. I'll confess something if you don't go telling everyone you know. I'm one of those women that sits looking smug at the TV set when other women start to well up over things like houses on Escape to the Country and I think, "Get a grip woman!" However, the closer I got to the giraffes I started to well up. I have absolutely no idea why. I just loved being so close to them. If I could have got in the compound with them and given them a hug I'd have risked being knocked out.

Giraffes aren't they only animals there. They have white rhinos and zebra's right there on the front lawn.

They have plenty of feathered friends to look at too:


And in the childrens/petting zoo you can get up close and personal with some farm yard animals.


There is a woodland aread with Timber wolves and reindeer. Moh was quite excited to see the wolves. Of course as lovely as they are it seemed a bit remote to me as my last wolf experience was when I got to walk with them and was tickling a wolf on the tummy!

You get plenty of creepy crawlies and reptiles too.


There is no shortage of Ahhhh moments with the likes of Red Panda's


If you brave the dark compound and wait for your eyes to adjust you can watch the Fruit Bats feed.


If you want to see more pics I'm still in the process of uploading all my pics to this set on flickr.  And if you're ever in the area do consider going to CWP. It's a fabulous place to take children because rather than go for gimmicks like a lot of museums and attractions, it concentrates on getting you as close to the animals, without causing harm to them or you.  Another bonus is the grounds are fantastically landscaped. 


  1. wot? No monkeys?!! lol Looks like a fantastic day out, and you got some great photys :-)

  2. It looks wonderful - just a bit too far for us to go!

    Pomona x

  3. Great pictures Jan! Will bear that in mind for when we're next over at Mum and Dads, sounds lovely.. x

  4. This looks like a fabulous place to see animals. I'd love to visit the giraffes :)

  5. We love the Cotswold Wildlife Park. Been taking the girls there since they were little.

  6. Knocked out by a giraffe AND a lion PEED on him???!!? Holy Cannolies! I'm surprised he would go back at all. :D

    I haven't been to a zoo/animal park in a loooong time. The last one, I think was the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane, when my sister & bil still lived in Australia. I may just have to go to the LA or San Diego zoo when it cools off here. Those are some very cool photos. (And I'll try for a good giraffe shot, just for you). :D

  7. You photos are gorgeous! Our zoo is not this pretty but they do a fairly good job. You can get close to the giraffes and I'll have to remember the head butting that Moh got!.... I already knew about the way the big cats can pee. My youngest and I came close to getting plastered by a tiger in Germany.
    I do love well done parks like this!

  8. WOW lovely photos! I can't believe he was knocked out! That is nuts! The peeing thing is hysterical. Reminds me of the Wilhelma zoo in Germany they have big signs (pictures... hahah) posted on the wall warning you the cats will pee on you...


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