Tuesday, 5 July 2011

FWQAL, DQS11 and BQS - OK :-)

Yay, I did some sewing last night. Just one more block for the FWQAL.  Block 21 - The Contrary Wife. I used some of the KJR I bought recently and two lots of scraps sent to me as part of my goodies in the Brit Quilt Swap. I really love the idea that scraps from other people are going into my FW blocks (If I was really cheeky now I'd just tell you all send me your scraps lol)

Block #21 Contrary Wife

I also found one I'd not photographed.  Block No 4. Basket Weave. It was pointed out to me some while ago that this block has the tendency to look like a swastika. I think mine just gets away without looking like my FW is a member of the Third Reich.

Block #4 Basket Weave

Sign ups for Round 11 of the DQS have closed and we are all waiting patiently for our partners. I have so many ideas busting around my head. The FW blocks really lend themselves to the rules of this round. I mean a quilt of nothing but contrary wife blocks would look pretty cool. And I'm already thinking of how other blocks would look! But then I'm also thinking about the possibilities of English Paper Piecing.  I've a feeling I may just want to keep whatever I end up making.

Talking of swaps. My partner in the Brit Quilt Swap did a lovely blog post about the quilt I made for her. Don't you just love the photo of her kids, all excited about the parcel?

Fabric Porn.

This mini basket is actually a Fortnum and Mason hamper basket.  Strictly speaking it's my Mum's. She just didn't have anything so lovely as this stash of fabric to keep in it. So I am going to keep it on a permanent basis borrow it. It's going to be where I put all my favourite fat quarters and smaller. You know the one's I bought because I liked them, rather than because I had a special project in mind. The one's (at least for now) I don't want to use up entirely.


  1. Yes, I think your FQs look quite lovely in your - er- your Mom's basket!

    That was a great blog post about your Brit swap! Isn't it nice when something you make is exactly right?

    Your 2 blocks are terrific too!

  2. Ha! I also have a Fortnum and Mason hamper (though bigger and messier!) that I keep my fabric in - great minds...


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