Friday, 22 July 2011

Hexing along nicely!

I'd really hoped that some of the fabric I've ordered would have arrived today because when you make hexies this big, little scraps tend to get used up pretty quickly. I want a balance so that all the same fabric isn't in the same area of the quilt. So for the moment I'm not sewing any of the hexies to each other. (Although I will have to at some stage because I want to be able to keep reusing the paper templates.)

This is my progress so far:

First Hexie!





Not the greatest photos and that black basting thread is far from pretty, but you get the idea.  I really love the birds egg fabric. I bought 1/2 yard when I first saw it and was contemplating a bird themed quilt. However it's vintage feel didn't seem to quite gel with the more modern birdie fabrics I like and I never did make that quilt anyway.  I think the vintage feel will make it ideal for the look I'm going for in this quilt.

How big are you going to make your quilt - or hoping to make it I should say?

This site is really useful for calculating how many hexies you will need.  Just don't go scaring yourself!  ;-)

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  1. Oh Jan, you are excelling yourself with these hexies - they are beautiful! I particularly love you star with the teacups in the middle. Hope your fabric arrives soon!!

  2. You are hexing amazing! I love the little teacups too x

  3. I love all your different variations. Your quilt is going to be fantastic.

  4. I love the hexies you've made so far - I hope your new fabric arrives soon, I'm looking forward to a photo of it! I've just seen a photo of Pom Pom de Paris (on the Quilt Room website) and thought it was worth a mention as it has a couple of bird prints that look as though they may fit with the vintage feel of your theme.

  5. These are so wonderful, I adore them! And I *think* I have the remains of a charm pack that contained the bird egg print....I'm going to e-mail you some photos and see if you might be able to use any these charms for your hexies :)

  6. Gorgeous! You are inspiring! I just wish I could finish my first hexagon quilt cause I really want to make another! ha ha ha


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