Thursday, 21 July 2011

Label it! Address it right!


I ordered some labels recently and they arrived in today's post.  Well if I am going to make some home made goodies for Christmas gifts then it would be fun to label them no? Otherwise people may just think I bought them. 

I have been doing a lot of fabric shopping lately. I am waiting for everything to arrive as it's all been shopped for online. I did have a parcel turn up today, alas it wasn't for me. Someone had got their address wrong so Amazon had their goodies delivered to me as the address was quite similar. (Remember this post when I ranted about a parcel going else where? Well it was to the same location just a different part of the property.)  I've been getting a few bits of mail for this person at this creative address lately. When I told Amazon I wasn't prepared to cart the parcel down to the post office - especially as this item had been courier delivered, they told me to 'dispose of it'. I was horrified they didn't want to collect it. They said they'd only collect it if that's what I'd prefer. The easiest option would be to throw it away! I confess I did pull open the end of the parcel to see what was inside and it was two cookery books and the dispatch note suggested they were birthday presents. So I got in my car and went round to deliver them. I couldn't throw someones stuff away! Someone pointed out to me that the other people living at that address had signed for goods previously that belonged to me and not forwarded them to me. But I pointed out I don't have to lower myself to their standards do I?

And the lady seemed genuinely pleased and has promised to change her address to the one on the massive slate sign outside her front gate - not my address! I just have to hope no more of my stuff goes there, as with a seemingly dishonest person living in the main house and someone not sure where they are living in the other, I don't hold out much hope of getting stuff if it goes there first!

On the plus side I finished piecing the top and took out all those distracting black basting stitches!

DQS 11 - top finished.

I don't recall it being such a faff and a chore when I removed the basting stitches out of my hexie quilt. Maybe it's because this was more fiddly?

I haven't decided what fabric to back this with or whether to hand or machine quilt this?

I feel better now about starting my HAL hexies now though!

There is still time to enter the giveaway - go here!


  1. I'm totally paranoid about post going astray. It's never happened but more than once the postie has left a packet with more than one neighbour, not put a red card through my door and four(!!!) days later the neighbour(s) has decided to bring it next door to me. Most annoying.

    LOVE your wee hexie project. I'm not HAL-ing coz I can't face all those tiny pieces at this very minute. Maybe later in the year when my must-do pile is smaller I'll have a bash coz they look fabulous!

  2. Cool labels! The hexies are looking lovely too x

  3. Thats a bit crap to hear that you may be losing your post to bad neighbours... Good for you to do the right thing! Great looking EPP :-)

  4. Hopefully, now that you've piled up some "good postal karma", all your parcels with come directly to you. :^)

    Your star hexies are awesome. Your swap partner is soooo lucky!

  5. I can't believe they told you to bin it! We had a delivery go astray on the IoW once and the company had guaranteed delivery by lunchtime that Saturday so they put a replacement in a taxi - in Leeds!!! - and had a driven down to us. It got there at 8pm. Meanwhile, the original parcel turned up from its misdelivery. The company who paid for the taxi told us not to worry about it, they didn't want it back. I just don't get it sometimes!?!

  6. awesome tags make things even more fun!
    I've only had one thing (I mailed) disappear, thank goodness it was insured what wasn't cool is it was a handmade thing.
    If it was amazon they usually tell you to keep it/garbage it and then they resend the package to the correct address. So the person still gets their stuff.
    I know when I was mailing stuff for a large company it wasn't even worth trying to track down stuff the post lost we would just re-mail it so we knew our customer would get it. I don't know about your postal workers but ours are typically very unhelpful.

  7. Your labels are great!

    How can people NOT give others their packages??

    Love your hexies! It's turning out beautifully.


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