Monday, 25 July 2011

Looks can be deceptive...

...Take this little tin for example.

Looking innocent

Looks like maybe it originally had sweets or something in it - aimed at boys with all that camo going on?

It just happens to be the perfect size for holding spare long quilting pins.


Only it's probably best to remove the original contents first. ;-) The British Army had a health campaign a while back and handed out these tins with condoms inside.  I'm not sure how successful the campaign was.  I'm told condoms are useful for putting over the ends of rifles to keep the dust out and they also make good water I'm sure the squaddies found use for them some how ;-)

The campaign also featured some rather disturbing soft toy bears holding satin love hearts with things like HIV embroidered on them.  I wish I had a picture of those because seeing is believing!

Me - I'm just a sucker for useful tin I can re purpose into something else. :-)


  1. Make sure to keep the pins away from the condoms!!

  2. Ha ha!! I was totally thinking you'd found that tin in the toy aisle!

  3. WOW that is funny! I love Flying Birds comment! Love all of the posting your doing you paper piecing stuff is gorgeous... i need to get off the internet and accomplish something!

  4. Now, how do you know all this?! But certainly a very handy little tin; a slightly bizarre comment on the lid though - someone obviously had fun thinking that one up!

    Pomona x


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