Monday, 18 July 2011

Pass the Smelling Salts!!!

I'm all excited about the Hex-a-Long and I check by the group a couple of times every day. I can't stop looking at this quilt that inspired it.  I mean all those lovely hexies made up from different EPP shapes. It's just so darn 'British'!  My initial thought was to go scrappy. Most of my scraps though are those yummy fresh brightly coloured designer fabrics, where as one of the things I love about the original quilt is it's old world charm. All those candy stripes and spots, mixed in with huge flowers. I'm also going unashamedly scrappy for the FWQAL and do I want every quilt in my house to look like it's made from the same scrappy fabrics?

I briefly toyed with buying a load of Liberty fabric, but as I'd like to make a bed sized quilt that would probably bankrupt me!

Then of course Lynne of Lily's Quilts who is one of the Hex-A-Long hosts showed this block on flickr. I was instantly in love. Not only does it feature some yummy text fabric (which I love and buy whenever I see it!) but I love the fact the pallet of fabrics match in a completely non scrappy way.

When I was at work today I had a bit of a Eureka Moment, I thought what if I make my quilt evocative of a vintage era? Rather than buy a complete line of fabrics or just grab any old scraps in the bin - what if I have a quilt theme. I'm thinking: Old fashioned cottage gardens, Mrs Beeton, love letters written with fountain pens and bound with blue ribbon, Sepia coloured photographs in old family albums, Edwardian Tea Parties and that whole Upstairs/Downstairs vibe.  I wasn't sure if I could pull the right fabrics together, then I read Gayle's post when I got home and thought: Wow am I channelling these women?  This is what I've pulled out so far. I so need to add to it! More stash hunting needed!

Vintage Romance - HAL

What's stopped me rooting through every bit of fabric I own, is I'm determined to get my DQS11 quilt pieced tonight so I can basted ready for quilting.

By tonight the top should be pieced

So best get back to it!
Ps. Now how's about every time I post progress hex-a-long pics, I sneak a little inspirational vintage goody into the pic?

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  1. Blimey! I love your theme and am very impressed with your progress, can't quite bring myself to work with hexies yet!

  2. oh lovely!

    your DQS11 is wonderful and the hexie fabric pull is going to look won-der-ful!

  3. It is all looking so great, and I am looking so slack!

  4. Love the fabric you've picked!

  5. ooh, lovely! but now i want to play too... and i havn't finised the Texas Freckles hexie quilt-along yet! and that vintage needle case is just beautiful!


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