Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Penelope Joins the Party

I had promised myself I wouldn't blog anymore about anything hexie related until I'd blogged about something else entirely.  But today some new fabric turned up and it was just begging me to join the hexie party.


This is Penelope by Holly Holderman for Lakehouse Dry Goods. Isn't it cool? You may have already spotted some of it being used in the hexies made by Lynne of Lily's Quilts and Gayle Brindley.  It wasn't on my radar until a friend mentioned having some fabric called "Penelope" for me that I might be able to use. (She isn't a quilter and won some - I think she'd been hoping for another non quilty creative prize.) So her win is my win!  I am waiting on some more fabric from Lakehouse Dry Goods called: "Annie's Farm Stand". It's ditsy florals and spots in shades of pink, red and aqua will really add something to my quilt - I hope!

I am loving the oversized tea cups. It's a shame I can't do a big hexie out of every single tea cup on my fat quarter but sadly there isn't space to fussy cut around each one :-(



You can see more of the hexies I've made and photographed here.

I was hoping to have bound my doll quilt for round 11 of Doll Quilt Swap. But that will require me to trim down my quilted doll quilt and the last few days I've had a premonition of a cutting accident with a rotary cutter. Nothing fatal or blood curdling, just enough to know I should not be slicing up a quilt I've spent hours hand sewing...at the moment!

Tomorrow I'll blog about what I was doing last Wednesday. Not a hexie will be in sight. Promise.


  1. I've started hexing, I blame you entirely ;-)

  2. I am jealous. I want to have time to start one of these! The teacups are priceless.

  3. Great fabric, don't apologise for hexie talk, I for one have been completely seduced by them (after many years of vowing they were not my thing!!)


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