Monday, 11 July 2011

Pips and Poppies

Lovely colours

I took this the other day as a potential project 365 pic (You know when you try and take a picture every day as a sort of photo journal/picture taking improvement).  I was in my garden and noticed the gorgeous pink and red poppies. I love the addition of the salivas in front and the tinges of yellow and white behind. The green seems to pull it all together.  I just love this colour palette. It made me think what would make Pips look a bit special and different is some touches of green and maybe some yellow.

I really want this quilt done for me by Christmas. I have some romantic notion of snuggling under it over the holidays with a mug of hot chocolate and a good book.  I've been looking at every project I see with Pips to see if any pattern speaks to me.  I'd thought of doing the Little Plates quilt by Elizabeth Hartman and even started cutting some fabric - before I twigged the fabric requirements were for standard 1/4 cuts not fat quarters.  So I've decided to go ultra simple and just do five inch squares of pips and throw in some random Kona solids. I've selected Tomato, Bubblegum Pink, Robin Egg and Chautreuse. I'll probably add in some Medium Gray and maybe some Ash. You are probably thinking Chautreuse???? Well I like the Chautreuse. I used it in this quilt. I thought the Chautreuse would add a certain something - just like the greenery does in the photo above. I may or may not add some yellow - I just have to get the 'right yellow'.
New Quilt in Progress

As I'm keeping it to 5" squares it's quite simple and should go together quite quick. So I'm going to attempt a big quilt - a-bigger-than-I-have-space-to-baste-on-the-living-room-carpet sized quilt.

Here is another sneaky peek at my progress for DQS11. It probably looks a bit dull at the moment.  It certainly is fiddly. I need to freshen up the colours. I'm trying to use fabrics with small scale prints. The diamonds are only 1". This is only part of the quilt plan. Lets just say the quilt will not be full of these.
Part 1

I hope you like where this is going partner. I live in fear of getting a quiet swap partner. There was no chatty or quiet box to tick during sign up this time. I think it's easier making for a chatty partner. I feel more confident they'll like what I make and be enthusiastic if they've joined in during the swap. If I'm spending hours sewing together fiddly sized bit of fabric I really want my partner to love it.


  1. How funny I was looking at paper piecing those same stars you are doing for your swap!Yours are tiny!

    Your unintentional inspiration photo for your pips quilt is lovely! I love the chartreuse as one of your far!

  2. Love the photo of your Poppies & Salvia! Wow!

    I think the "right" yellow would go well with the other colors you picked to play with your pips. The chartreuse will definitely perk it up! :D

  3. love the poppies... I really need to try growing some.
    I love the fabric I can't wait to see it so I hope you get it done by christmas!


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