Sunday, 24 July 2011

A Productive Day In The Sunshine

It's been really nice chilling in the garden sewing.  I know I have lots of chores to get sorted. Only weather like this seems to be a treat of late, so I knew I was either going to end up reading a book or sewing out there!

First off I found out a friend who's birthday is next week is actually turning 40! I had a feeling she was. Only it's not the sort of thing you can ask is it? I mean imagine if I asked and she was only 35 or something?  Anyway, her favourite colour is purple; so I finished off the purple zippy pouch I made the other day.


I added a beaded pull to the zip and sewed up the lining. Now I just need to fill it with a few bits and get it to post tomorrow!


Then I went out side to quilt my DQS 11 quilt.  I used spray baste for the first time. It is so much easier than trying to pin something small.  Of course if it's at all breezy when you baste it's advisable to stand out of the wind so you don't spray baste yourself. 


As I quilted this it occurred to me how much I'd like to join some other swaps it just me or do you get put off by swaps which you have to be invited to join the group or request it? Now I can understand the organisers probably want to avoid flakey passers by joining up and then not delivering the goods. It's just I'm a little too shy insecure to ever request to join something like that.  I mean what if I don't make the grade? What if this is some sort of quilting elitism designed to keep out less than cool quilters like me? If you need to ask to join maybe they don't want you? And it's probably another reason why I'm struggling to be brave enough to request to join a Bee.

Once I'd quilted this I went back to making some more hexies for the Hex-a-long.  I've pulled out a few extra fabrics from the stash so I get enough variety in one place.  I am waiting on a fat quarter bundle of Annie's Farm Stand by Lakehouse Dry Goods, because I thought the aqua and pink and red colour way would fit right in with the vintagey feel of my quilt as well as add some smaller patterns to the mix.  I am waiting for some other goodies too. I'd thought I may have over indulged a bit with fabric purchasing for this quilt, but seeing how quickly the fabric goes down when you're making large hexies, I'm glad I have!


Star hexie

I can't believe the weekend is almost over again. So much I still wanted to do and share with you. I guess that will have to wait for now.


  1. I requested to join a bee a while back and was turned down. It was all very polite and all - they said they weren't taking new people at that time - but it put me off totally. But then from some of the swaps I'm in I get some really poor work sometimes in the blocks I receive and I guess that's why those on the inside don't want to let others in. I still appreciate the blocks I receive and I can usually resew anything that is too skewed. If you are interested I can send you info on the three swaps I'm in where anyone can join.

  2. I love the little quilt you have been working on in the sunshine - I like paper piecing but at the moment problems with my hands make it hard for me to complete - but I like seeing what you blogging guys are up to. When I am able I must have a go at the diamonds and other shapes.
    I have just been converted to spray baste and in fact have just completed a king sized quilt using it - it is the smoothest back I have had on a quilt, even with the large scale and I am really pleased. However I know what you mean about basting yourself - I ended up with very sticky jeans! LOL.
    I also understand what you mean about bees and swaps.
    Best wishes C

  3. Next time you see a swap group sign up. Your work is totally good enough so dont doubt that for a minute. I think most (granted not all) swaps really just want to check that you are a chatty, open, reliable person. They cant all be strictly for the ubertalented, after all, I just got in to one! lol Dont be disheartened or doubt your talent if you dont get in either. They may just have too many applicants.

  4. I guess I didn't worry about being rejected and just went for it, in terms of joining a bee. I've had great fun so far! Your work is gorgeous. Let me just say, hands down, I'd love to be in a bee with ya. (Of course,I'm a newbie.) I think there is still reserve space in the 3x6 bee, if you are feeling like trying.

  5. I have changed my opinion of 'snooty' swaps and now understand why and approve ;) but you should jump in, you have nothing to worry about - keep an eye on the Sewn Spaces Swap that I am in, and also there's a great Bee you could join if you're quick

  6. Your work is fab!! Just jump in and request to join a swap they only check you're a regular flickr bod which you certainly are :)
    Also Fresh Modern Bee 2 may have some spaces coming up very soon. We're a couple of months off being finished :)

  7. Oh, I totally get not wanting to ask to join groups. I still can't bring myself to do it! You know the answer would be to set up our own bee! *g*

    Your wee pouch is gorgeous and I think I love your wee hexies even more!

  8. What a fun gift for your friend!

    I've already told you you're far braver than I about joining swaps and such. I am totally intimidated and afraid of not measuring up! There is the pressure of time too... I would not want to disappoint anyone.

    Like Lynz said... you could start your own!

  9. Great gift. Love the beaded zipper pull.

  10. Pushed 'publish' on the last comment before I remembered to add I am right with you on the swap thing. I am too intimidated by them. It looks like on some of the them they are just trying to outdo each other and do scarily good quilts. That is why I love Brit Quilt so much - I got to swap and I got to Bee and I got to meet a whole load of incredibly nice people.

  11. i'm also intimidated by those kinds of swaps. i've swapped with a few people (inlcuding you!) through more informal setups, and really enjoyed it. However, everyone's comments have made me remeber I did a square for a charity quilt last year... and the final quilter ran off with all our squares! it was a terrible situation and although we were all linked through common origin and cause, i can now understand why some hoops to jump though are needed.

  12. Uhooi,,
    Wow,, It works great, beautiful and creative,,

  13. I totally understand what you mean about not making the grade! I actually submitted to be a part of DQS11 and then panicked and pulled out because the timeframe was so short and I hated the thought of not delivering if something unexpected came up! I do agree with the other comments here that your work is gorgeous and you would easily make the grade!

    I would also love to do a bee, so if you organize one then count me in!


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