Saturday, 23 July 2011

Things You Wish You Had Recorded Your Other Half Saying #1

Unusual blog post title?

The other day when Moh phoned we got onto the subject of Kindles and he suggested I treated myself to one. In fact the conversation went like this:

Moh: I think you should treat yourself to one (kindle)
Me: Noooooo, they're too expensive it's too much of a luxury item. I'll just pop it on my Christmas list and if the family want to club together they can.
Moh: Christmas is ages away, treat yourself now.  You hardly ever treat yourself.
Me: I do. I am always treating myself.
Moh: When?
Me: Some silver earrings from Etsy. Oh and loads of fabric.
Moh: Fabric isn't a treat though.
Me: It is!
Moh: No, for you it's a necessity because you need to make stuff. It's like essential.

Oh, how I wish I could have recorded that conversation for future playback when Moh finds out just how much fabric costs. I have a feeling if he knew he may not be suggesting I go treat myself to a kindle!

But it does make me feel slightly better about all the online purchasing I've been doing for my new  project!  :: wink ::

4 fat quarters I'd ordered with my HAL project in mind turned up in the post today so I've spent a good chunk of the day making hexies. Once I hit on a theme for this project I realised I had very little fabric already that fitted that theme. There is actually something quite satisfying about buying fabric for a particular project. (Although it's probably not a good idea to think too hard about how much you're spending on each little online spending foray).

Big bold hexies

I managed to fussy cut these from one fat quarter. I decided to do the fussy cutting for the big hexies so I could use the left over fabric to make pieced hexies.  In fact in the last three pictures posted you can see how I used up some of the other fabric from the hexies above!
Postcard Fabric Hexie

Text and spots




I will try not to bore you all with endless posts of supersized hexies. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. I'm really loving your combinations of script type fabrics with the other patterns. really striking!

  2. Very pretty - show me them all, I don't mind!

  3. But they are fabulous! Of course we want to see them. I want to do one of these quilts too. I don't know where I'm going to find the time but I probably will just start it and squeeze it in.

  4. Your conversation with your OH made me smile - I asked mine for just fabric for my christmas. I got a wee bit of fabric and an i-pod "well," he said "fabric was really expensive"... lol Great hexies :-)

  5. I also wish there were times I'd been able to record certain conversations! That one was totally priceless!

    Your hexagons are seriously awesome!

  6. Get yourself a Kindle. They are great. The girls each got one for Christmas last year. They are voracious readers and books cost less from the Amazon Kindle shop so you save money after the initial purchase. And they are a dream to use, so easy to read the screen and lightwieght. I am going to load them up with books for their holidays and all we have to pack is one slim little Kindle each. Love it. Love your hexies to, by the way. :-)

  7. I really like the material you are using
    its probably best that YOH has no idea how much fabric can cost :-)


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