Friday, 22 July 2011

Tilt your head folks - the Winner is announced!!!

I don't know why this has loaded on the wonk.  I failed the using-the-random-generator-and-then-finding-the-way-to-add-it-to-my-blog thing yet again! So I had to take a picture with my camera and then dump it in photo shop. Which I did and rotated it properly and then cropped it so you couldn't see the junk around it. But blogger has decided to show me I'm not half so clever as I think I am, and it's loaded all wonky. So tilt your heads for the winner!

Number 10 is where the prime minster of England lives is

Drum roll please


who said...

"Oooo what a lovely giveaway, scraps are brilliant for my ticker tape cushions! I like your blog because it contains a bit of everything, so keep it that way!"

Congratulations! I'll be in contact to get your email address! Thanks for to everyone for your lovely comments and for playing. Giveaways are fun are good aren't they?

Ps if anyone can tell me how to use the RNG properly before my next giveaway that would be much appreciated! :-)


  1. OooOOOOO!! That's me!! thank you SOOOO much, I don't care that the random number thingy is wonky, it picked meeeeee!

    Thanks Jan, will email you :)

  2. Congratulations, Ceri. I will be nice and pretend that I am not jealous!

  3. Congrats! I am totally jealous!


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