Wednesday, 20 July 2011

What the mystery item was

In this post I asked you to guess what this item might be. I realised afterwards that photos alone and no clues would have made it virtually impossible to know that it was this:

Camera Cushion

A camera cushion.

As a treat for spending a week in hospital my other half bought himself a DSLR so he could have more flexibility taking wild life photos. He's got a range of lens' and wanted a cushion to rest the lens or camera on when he's in a hide or out taking pics. He now wants a big lens like this. Only I can't stitch him one of those so he'll have to figure that one out for himself!


  1. Okay, I most definitely would not have guessed anything even approaching a correct answer! My husband is camera crazy too. When the last lens was delivered he said, 'I thought you understood that when I said I was thinking of getting it, it meant I had already ordered it.' And they say women's minds work in a strange way!

  2. Nope, definitely would'nt have guessed that! Clever though :-)

  3. Good grief! I've seen it all now, and I will not be mentioning this to my husband!

  4. Not in a month of Sundays would I have guessed correctly - I thought it was a bag for his kagoul ;o)

  5. That is ridiculously huge!


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