Wednesday, 24 August 2011

10 things I learnt today

1. Do order your zips from this shop on Etsy. Good value, quick service, little extras and lots of choice.


2. Don't try spray basting on the patio when there is even the slightest breeze.  Especially if that breeze turns into a gale...with rain.


3. Do check your quilt bundle for the spray baste can when you rush inside quickly. Rather than go rushing around the garden in search of the rain. 

4. Do remember to take something soft to kneel on when spray basting on the patio because concrete is hard on the knees.

5. Do use a tutorial like this one for making a zippy box pouch if you've not done so before because it is easier than working out calculations yourself.

6. Do use this material for your lining your zippy pouches when you want them to be moisture proof but not  bulky. It sewed a dream and wasn't as slippy as I thought it might be.

7. Do use scraps of nylon lining material to make binding like covers for your exposed seams.


8. Do think about using a fusible wadding type interface to add extra bulk and shape when making a boxy pouch and using medium weight fabric.

9. Don't use up scraps sewn together and mis matched sections of cheater prints or similar to make a boxy pouch. It will be really noticeable when the pouch is finished and every thing will look wonky when it isn't.


10.  Do smile about the good and bad because tomorrow is another day and you will learn new things then too.


  1. I enjoyed your 10 tips and your pouch is fab!

  2. Some of those were useful thank you, some so true and I reckon the bag still looks cute x

  3. Love the list and love the box pouch :) nonsense about the wonkiness - it looks fab!

  4. Nothing wrong with that zippy bag! Thanks for all the tips. I wouldn't worry about the running around in the rain one though - I would just make the girls do it for me! ;-)

  5. I knew you'd shopped at zipit when I saw the pull! Love their shop.

    A good tip list and a VERY cute bag. It looks perfect to me!

  6. I will remember to never spray baste during a gale. I promise.

    Thanks for the tip on the zips on etsy!

    Your boxy bag looks just fine.

    #11. Refuse to be your own worst critic.


  7. A useful list - I like #11 by quiltzyx! The pouch is lovely and the zip pull is really sweet!

  8. I like Quiltxyz's #11, too! That is a super cute zippy box (it is, so just accept it) and you have had a very educational day, have you not? *g* A good day, I reckon.


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