Saturday, 27 August 2011

The Chiltern Craft Fair

Stormy skies

Today my Mum and I took ourselves off to The Chilterns Craft Fair at Stonor Park near Henley in Oxfordshire.  I forgot my camera so the only picture I have is this one taken on my phone. 

I did indulge with jewellery from Circle and Dash (which I told you all about in this post.)  Some of you may have seen them in person at The Festival of Quilts?

I tried knitting on huge needles.  (why didn't I have a camera with me because that was a kodak moment if ever there was one!) Ingrid Wagner said have a go. I told her I don't knit - I can't knit. Me and knitting = Lots of messiness.  She said - still have a go it's easier on big needles. And I do mean big. Broom handles more like.  It was fun but I don't need a new hobby right now.

I bought a new cardi/jacket from Christine Crane (sorry can't find her listed in the exhibitor directory or a website for her.) At least one friend may read this and say to herself : "Oh you're old enough for craft show knitwear now then?" Normally when we go to craft fairs I admire the hand knitted jackets and cardies and am tempted, despite the understandably high prices. However, I always complain I'm not old enough to be wearing that type of knitwear, however lovely, just yet. 

I also admired lots of linen clothing ideal for layering. I wish I could have got the card or at least the name of my favourite. However the stand was being manned by a bored looking bloke with ipod buds in his ears. He did not say approach me. He did not say come and look at the lovely clothes I have in muted neutrals. He's probably lost the maker a tonne of sales because even the best looking clothes can't withstand a bored looking seller that is sending out  'go away' vibes!  Maybe other halves should be trained before they're let loose selling their other half's wares!  Chief may not be as creative as I am. However, I can guarantee if he was attending a craft fair on my behalf he would be enthusiastic about whatever I was selling. He would no doubt confess he had no idea how I made the item but he'd be still talk it and me up. 

Mum and I indulged in the food tent. So now I'm enjoying a cup of orange and chocolate green tea bought from here  whilst having a chocolate ginger from here and watching the rain hoping it will clear up for tomorrows day out!


  1. Love the new look blog! Sounds like a fun day! Jxo

  2. Sounds fun - but you are now on the slippery slope to wearing matching jumpers with the Chief!

  3. Sounds fun (but look at those clouds!) - does this mean that the next purchase/make is a quilted waistcoat?!

  4. I'm hoping for a dry day tomorrow (Monday) to go along to Stonor Park for the craft show. I looks smaller than I expected. Ros

  5. Sounds like loads of fun! I do wish you'd have had a camera for the big knitting needles! No one is too young for knits unless they are long baggy cardigans....


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