Monday, 8 August 2011

DQS11 - binding of my quilt

A few people have asked me how I intended binding my quilt for DQS11 and keep the points of the stars.  Now if the rules hadn't specified quilts had to be bound I'd have probably skipped the binding and finished this quilt like I did this one. However, as I'm a goody goody who tends to stick to the rules, I decided a binding would be be needed. Now if I'd thought about this at the start, I'd have been more careful with exactly what fabric I caught during the piecing process. Now this isn't a tutorial per se more a walk through how I'm doing it.

First off make the quilt sandwich. Be sure to pull out all the raw edges of fabric that was previously been basted round the paper templates.  (If you're going to use this method you may want to think carefully about how you cut your fabric in order to baste as you want enough left to be able to open up and attach a binding.)

Line up you ruler against the points so you leave about half inch from the points. Use your rotary cutter to trim off the excess fabric.


Repeat the process for the other sides. It may be for the longest sides you will only need to trim off a small amount of fabric and the rest of your wadding/backing.


Grab your binding and pin it around your quilt. Normally I don't pin binding, I just eye ball it. However, as I wanted to keep my pointy ends, I took my time and pinned as I went, adjusting as necessary.


Sew your binding on, removing pins as you go. You can see in this photo that I've kept the points. If you want a great binding tutorial for mini quilts then go here.  Once I'd machined on the binding I trimmed a little excess seam allowance in a couple of places where I'd had to fudge my attaching, because of not leaving the same amount of fabric around each basted diamond prior to piecing.


Once the binding is sewn down and pulled back from it will show I've kept the points on the stars. I haven't sewn down the binding by hand yet as I'm on short bursts of energy today. But hopefully this gives anyone interested and idea of how I kept the points. Any questions feel free to ask!


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