Sunday, 28 August 2011

A Grand Day Out

Today my friend S and I went to visit the grounds of this house:


You could be forgiven for thinking I'd popped over the Channel to France and this house is somewhere in the heart of the French countryside. It is in fact one of the Rothschild properties: Waddesdon Manor, in the heart of Buckinghamshire in the English Countryside. It was built in the French Neo-Renaissance style by Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild to house his large art collection and serve as a stylish place to entertain the fashionable set of the time. The garden is apparently one of the best examples of Victorian gardens in the country.  It has the parterre above, fountains, lots of statuary and a very impressive looking aviary.


More recently parts of it doubled as Buckingham Palace in the film "The Queen" and it's also been used in the feature film 'Sherlock Holmes 2." Today I was there modelling my new  241 Tote.


(Excuse the Captain Caveman hair and grumpy moody face going on in the pic!) This was the first time I'd used my bag and I have to say it was as brilliant to use as it was to make. I can definitely see more of these in my future.  Only what colour to make it in next?

You can see more pictures of Waddesdon Manor in my flickr set here.

Please note: rumours that Chief and I will soon be wearing matching knitwear are completely unfounded. As are the rumours I've not done any making over the last two days because I'm designing my own patchwork quilted waistcoat.


  1. Tee Hee!!!

    Your 241 got a far more glamorous and beautiful first outing than mine! We only did Next, M&S and Tesco today!!

  2. I vote for dark reds for bag two.

  3. What a beautiful place! AND you got blue sky - lucky duck. You're looking v.glam modelling your lovely bag! Jxo

  4. What a gorgeous place! I bet people were admiring your bag as you walked past - it needs a sign saying "I made this, please ask me about it!" so you can show it off! No matching jumpers? about matching cagoules (had to look up that spelling!) instead?!

  5. Wow that is so gorgeous! I really miss seeing things like this.
    The bag looks great!

  6. What a beautiful place! Love your bag modeling. I thought you were going for mysterious!


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