Monday, 22 August 2011

HAL update and a question about quilts: when is too many?

It's gloriously sunny so it seemed like an ideal time to take my hexie quilt for the HAL outside so you could see how it's slowly growing.

Hex-A-Long progress so far...

I'm pleased with how it's progressing, but I suspect it won't be finished this side of Christmas. This is probably less than a quarter of the size it needs to be and even when it's all pieced I'll need good weather outside so I have a large enough space to baste it.  All that's got to be done before I can even think about quilting and binding.

Across the Sea Quilt Along

A more achievable quilt might be either the lap or baby sized quilt in the Across the Sea QAL which I've just joined.  Sorting out my FQ sized cuts at the weekend made me realise I have far far too many with no definite purpose in mind and this might be a good stash busting project.  I've already decided that my fabric has to be housed in that chest and not in other places as well so that will mean using up stuff before buying more...not just finding somewhere else to home new purchases.

This brings me onto a question about quilt giving/making that I hope you will help me out with.  I wonder at what point I will have too many quilts. I actually don't have that many' However, every time I make a new one Chief asks what it's for. The subtext clearly being: Another Quilt? Why do you need another quilt. I feel caught between wanting to try out new block/quilt designs and reluctancy to just make quilts for the sake of it.  

In an ideal world I'd have a tonne of friends and associates having babies and in need of a baby quilt.  They are great ways to try something different without committing a lot of time and fabric and seem more manageable than, the more useful double bed sized quilt - which I confess terrifies me on so many levels! And unlike a mini quilt they have a more practical side to them.  I had considered giving quilts as Christmas presents, as a lovely lap quilt on a cold winters night would be my idea of bliss. However, I really have few likely candidates for quilts. The last thing I'd want to do give them to someone who had no idea of the value in terms of raw materials - let alone appreciate how much of my time and love had gone into it. 

A friend suggested making with a view to selling. However, I feel at this stage there are too many people out their doing this already - and doing it far better than I could and it would become a huge pressure.

How do you all reconcile the volume of quilts you make? Do you have friends and family begging you for quilts or do you make baby quilts just in case there is a sudden rush of babies born around you? I'd love to hear your thoughts before I become to guilty to make any more new quilts.


  1. I think if you can still see carpet, walls and windows you don't have too many!

    How about table runners or placements for yourself, then to give - at least they are small if the receivers aren't so enamoured, they are not huge fabric wasters and you can practice any style.

    I now have to read that again, as if I am being told and do the same!

  2. Until this year I have given away every last quilt I have made so I am the wrong one for advise here. I thought about selling - briefly - but people are selling quilts for some silly small amounts of money, even on Etsy. If I sold them I would want to actually cover costs and then at least a little bit more. Up to this year I have also had friends conveniently breeding. That helps. And I too am frightened of big quilts so making baby quilts and gifting them is easier! Good luck.

  3. yes I too struggle with the same thing, I find it very hard to let my quilts go. But enough is enough! I'm reluctant to sell quilts as you can never really get a fair price for them. But at this rate I may change my mind just in order to be able to buy new fabrics and carry on making, that's worth something too!

  4. I don't think there is a too many I mean you need them everywhere and in layers when it's cold... I unfortunately have not hit the point where having too many is in question... I hope I get there some day!
    The only way I can see selling them is in baby size but I have a few listed in my shop and they are priced reasonable for time/cost and they continue to sit there! I guess the thing about selling them is you can put them up and if they sell then good if not then you get to keep them... also good

  5. I don't get enough quilts finished for this to be an issue yet. I still have all my two children, one grandchild and DH to make quilts for, plus others in the community. Lots of people join groups that make quilts for charity. A nice way to sew and have fun without having to buy all the fabric yourself. Or you could make a quilt on your own for charity.

  6. Well, we currently have 2 in the living room, one on our bed and the boys have one each so there is room for quite a few more here! I've also thought about selling - I'd love to be able to make a living that way but, as you say, there are so many people doing that already - some for crazy, silly low prices that cannot possibly make any profit. I think Hadley has about the right idea, though!

  7. You need lots! At least 2 for your bed (one for summer and one for winter) and at least 2 for the sofa (for when one is in the wash)
    My children have one each for snuggling while watching TV, and I'm in the process of making them one each for their beds.
    Then of course you really need co-ordinating cushions for each quilt, and a couple of sets of placemats..... can you see where I'm going :)
    I've also started making the odd quilt for charity, which I figure is good Karma

  8. My theory is, if you are able to purchase your fabrics without going hungry, if you have the time to sew and still have time for family, if you have a quilt for each bed and family member but still have bare couches and chairs, you don't have too many quilts.

    But this is only a theory.....

  9. I'm with Corrinea!!!

    I've just counted and in our house we have 1 queen size, 3 single bed, 1 big picnic quilt, 3 good throw size and TEN lap quilts. Some of those lap ones are themed (Christmas, Halloween, Spring)and there's a chair in every room of my house (apart from the loo!)with a quilt on. The rest are rolled up on a shelf in the living room bookcase looking all pretty like a stack of logs. And I've given away 11 of various sizes in the past 2 years. I like making them and when it becomes a problem (storage or whatever) I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. I enjoy the process too much to worry about what to do with them once I'm done with being creative!

  10. Oh Chief, Chief, Chief! Quilting is art. Quilting is stress-relief. Quilting has love in each & every stitch. There cannot be too many quilts.
    If YOU feel like you have too many in the house, and no one you KNOW to give one to, how about donating? Women's shelters, hospitals, fire/police departments...lots of places for quilts to pass the love on to.

  11. I think that if you enjoy making them and you can afford it then carry on. My mum keeps asking me the same question (as do the ladies in class) and I have the same reply...would you ask an artist why they were painting another picture? Would you ask them what/who it was for? No? Well stop asking me!!


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