Monday, 15 August 2011

Hex-A-Long Progress and a Happy Birthday?


Excuse the rubbish picture.  I took several yesterday and this was the only half way decent one. I should have made the effort to take it outside to photograph.  You may spot some of the fabrics I was gifted from Fiona and Jennifer.  I am back in the hexie making groove. I sat up quite late  Saturday night  Sunday Morning, just sewing hexies - adding them to the rest. I completely lost track of time. I watched "I am Legend" followed by "What Lie's Beneath" just channel surfing as I sewed. Although when someone else in the house decided to come downstairs to use the loo and then seeing the light, crept along to the living room to investigate, I nearly had a heart attack.  I went to bed shortly afterwards, still with a bad case of disco legs from the shock!!  I think Lakehouse Dry Goods might be my new favourite! Annie's Farm Stand is such a fresh take on the red and aqua combination.  Which I confess is not something I'm normaly fussed about. 

It's Moh's birthday today. He's currently Camping in Catterick on an Exercise for work. He sent me a text on Saturday telling me exactly what he'd do to me if I even suggested a camping holiday! He's having to ration his mobile usage due to lack of charging facilities and his phone is nearly dead.  He managed to call me at work this morning so I could wish him a happy birthday.  This was his birthday present from me.

No not the car...or the bottle of water. The mats. Which were ridiculously expensive for something that essentially you get dirty instead of the carpet. It's what he wanted. He would have got them anyway. He loves his new car however, he was less than impressed with the lightness of the interior. Being in the army and an outdoors person a light fabric interior is a recipe for dirty disaster. 

Talking of Moh I need to find a new blog name for him. I came up with Moh because it stopped me having to type "my other half" every single time. However, Mo was my dad's nickname and it feels kind of odd calling my other half by the same sounding name.  All suggestions welcome. I really don't want to call him by his first name or his known name because I like to give him a bit of anonymity. 

Did you read this post by Rachel which mentions that from November the rate of customs VAT in the UK is being lowered from £18 to £15 - just in time for Christmas!?  I don't buy huge amounts of fabric from over seas and this is likely to limit even further what I purchase, which is a shame. Don't get me wrong I do like to support UK fabric sellers - it's just the majority of stuff, like the aforementioned Lakehouse Dry Goods, I have been unable to find in the UK.  So here's to hoping some UK suppliers will provide us with even more choice and competitive prices!


  1. I just call my husband Bob, because that's what he answers to. I've seen a few bloggers call their husbands "hunk" or "hunka". I like hubs, if you're not going to use a name.

  2. Happy birthday to the soldier (does he have a rank?) - your hexies are beautiful x

  3. The hexie quilt is looking wonderful. Pink and aqua do look good together. Happy birthday to your other half. I call mine DH, abbreviation for Dear Hubby.

  4. eek, I wouldnt be watching what lies beneath unless it was brilliantly sunny daylight lol Lovely hexies :-)

  5. You are making great progress on your hexies!
    And Happy B'day to whatshisname too! ;^)


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