Sunday, 7 August 2011

I'm back!


This time last Sunday I was in Bournemouth. My Mum, my niece (now 11) have been going back each summer to the same hotel for the last five years. We build sand castles and paddle on the beach, splash around in the hotel pool, eat stupid amounts of food at evening meals and find fun things to do. We got back last night - completely exhausted.  We were so lucky with the weather. Only some rain one morning and glorious sunshine the rest of the time. The photo above is the beach last Tuesday when we'd just left at lunchtime. We had no idea it was this crowded until we walked back up the hill to our hotel. 

Three lots of fabric goodies had arrived while I was away so I'll get pictures and blog about that next time! Just too tired now. I've tried to catch up with some blog reading, flickr perusing and made a start on the washing mountain. It feels like I've been away for months. My hexies are neglected, my DQS11 needs finishing and I have other projects I need to start. But right now I need a lie down in a quiet corner. It's back to work tomorrow and I am not looking forward to it if I feel this wrecked lol


  1. Oh lovely pic of B'mouth beach. I know it well. I lived there for 7 years and my hubby is from there. Glad you got the wonderful S.England weather! Jxo

  2. good luck with the whole back to work thing, that isn;t fun after time off. Looks like you had lovely weather!

  3. What amazing luck you had with your weather - look at all those people!!!! And all the best for tomorrow. The post-holiday crash is most miserable making. I know, I just did it!

  4. Oh I do hate going back to work after time off!! Glad you had a good week!

  5. Oh fun! I hate going back after having fun... blech!


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